PowerScan 9500 imager for tough industrial environments

PowerScan 9500_©datalogic

The PowerScan 9500 family of imagers, constructed with Datalogic's optical system, hardware architecture, and decoding software, offers an advanced solution for the ever-increasing demands of industrial environments. The Manufacturing and Transportation & Logistics industries rely on speed and reliability when managing goods and tracking merchandise to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

"Datalogic's PowerScan 9500 imager includes a series of innovations that make reading easy and intuitive, resulting in significant performance improvement and time savings, which are crucial for companies faced with pressing deadlines," commented Giulio Berzuini, General Manager & VP, Hand-Held Scanners, Datalogic ADC. "The PowerScan 9500 imager offers best-in-class reading of bar codes in motion, a high depth of field and high speed 2D imaging optics, along with an exclusive aiming and read confirmation system, ideal for continuous scanning even in the harshest conditions."

Difficult scan-intensive environments also require an ergonomic and comfortable solution to reduce operator fatigue. Datalogic paid particular attention to the design of the PowerScan 9500 imager to assure comfort even after hours of scanning. The handle is shaped to fit perfectly in the operator's hand and the weight of the imager has been carefully balanced to provide optimum gripping and holding. Omnidirectional reading practically eliminates unnatural wrist movement or rotation, which can cause strain during long shifts. No stretching and awkward positions for capturing 1D and 2D codes are necessary either because codes at a distance of up to 1 m/ 3.3 ft can be read with ease.

The PowerScan 9500 imager is gentle on the user's vision as well. A soft-pulsed white illumination light appears on the code when scanning. This type of illumination, similar to ambient light, reduces the "flash" effect, while enhancing reading performance on low contrast or colored codes at the same time.

Other features that make the operator's job easier include a new instinctive 'frame' aimer that clearly identifies the captured area, and Datalogic's patented 'Green Spot' technology with dual good read LEDs (3GL™) for visual good read confirmation. This combination enables the highest first-pass reading rates even in the darkest and noisiest areas of the warehouse, logistics center or manufacturing plant.

The challenging conditions typical of these working environments can cause strain on bar code scanners. This is not the case for the PowerScan 9500 imager. Repeated drops, tumbles, shocks and hits indoors or outside have virtually no effect on this imager due to its rugged mechanics. Tests have shown that it resists thousands of repeated drops from 50cm/1.8ft without any evident damage. The IP65 water and particulate sealing rating protects all the optical parts as well. The PowerScan 9500 imager guarantees reliability over the long term.

Datalogic responds to specific industrial needs by offering several models of the PowerScan 9500 imager, offering more flexibility in reading various bar codes. A Direct Part Marking (DPM) model has been created for reading codes that have been permanently marked on items using various technological means such as laser/chemical etching.