Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH

Pfleiderer presents a comprehensive decor, texture and core offering in its DST system

In Pfleiderer's DST system any decor can be combined in any way required with the suitable textures and technically suitable core materials for virtually all applications and requirements for interior finishes

The wood-based panel manufacturer offers its tried and tested DST system for the new collection too. "Our customers can now combine 180 decors, 10 textures and up to 16 core materials in any way they wish", explains Sabine Spitz. She is head of melamine-faced decorative panels product management at Pfleiderer and will be presenting the DST system from 16 to 20 February 2014 at the EuroShop trade fair in Düsseldorf. She is especially proud of the new core diversity, because: "With BalanceBoard, LivingBoard or PremiumBoard P2 ESA, particular specialities are now also integrated in the DST system."

Individual design options – not only for standard cores

PremiumBoard P2 ESA, for example, is an electrostatically conductive wood-based panel with decorative, direct melamine resin facing on both sides. "Our ESA system products are in demand wherever electrostatic charge is to be prevented", explains Spitz. The additives in the panel make it conductive. Furniture, partitions and panelling made of it in microelectronics workstations, in laboratories or control centres can be safely and easily earthed. The product manager adds: "A special technical product does not have to be achieved at the cost of aesthetics. Because we are able to supply our ESA panel not only in defined standard decors but also in various DST decors on request, completely new design options are opened up."

The same applies to ecological light-weight building projects: For example, anyone switching over to BalanceBoard, the particularly sustainable Pfleiderer material made of wood and fast-growing annual plants, does not have to forego the familiar design diversity of the DST system: The decors extend from plain coloured to wood reproductions through to imaginative decors.

One decor, numerous options

In the texture selection the special highlight, the perfect gloss, is a must have option for direct facing, as are the various matt finishes. In addition, pearl, hand-made and creative textures and nature-identical wood textures are available to choose from. And last but not least, the DST system also covers all kinds of different core qualities available from Pfleiderer: from particularly low-emissions to moisture resistant, from especially lightweight to fire-retardant.

Respond quickly and flexibly with the DST-Xpress collection

"And if customers need our products in a particular hurry, they can depend on supplies from the DST-Xpress collection", Spitz assures. The DST-Xpress collection – with 92 decors and six textures offers more than 800 product variants. "The DST-Xpress products are our quick delivery range", explains Spitz: "That means that depending on the delivery day, they can reach the specialist trade within seven working days."

The DST system uses Pfleiderer's complete format range. In direct facing, panel lengths of 2,655 mm, 2,800 mm, 5,310 mm and 5,600 mm are offered with a width of 2,100 mm. In the case of the HPL laminates the lengths range between 2,150 mm and 5,600 mm and the widths from 915 mm to 2,070 mm. The HPL flat-bonded elements are available in lengths from 2,650 mm to 5,600 mm and in widths 1,300 mm and 2,070 mm.