Partner Tech mobility devices now compatible with Baracoda Bluetooth solutions

PARTNER-TECH Europe and Baracoda provide full compatible and easy to use Bluetooth solutions for RFID and barcode data capture.
Baracoda is one of the world leading manufacturers of Bluetooth wireless barcode and RFID solutions. The company promotes the development of data capture solutions for both mobile (field force automation, asset management, sales force automation, merchandising, e-ticketing) and logistics (inventory management, order preparation) applications in the retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics industries as well as for every real-time traceability application.
Mobility devices from Partner Tech like the Orderterminal OT-100/OT-200 or the Tablet Pc EM-200 are now ready to use with Baracoda Bluetooth solutions. One of the main advantages of Bluetooth technology is the fact that it is very standardized and guarantees a high level of interoperability.
With Partner Tech products it will be no problem any longer to take advantage of every Bluetooth wireless technology function such asInteroperability, Voice/data co-existence, Guarantee of data transmission by acknowledgement system, Robustness linked to frequency hopping technology, error correcting codes and low energy consumption.
Baracoda and Partner Tech solutions can be associated and used in retail, hospitality, logistic and many more business environments and will bring mobility and latest technology into the business.
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