Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH

PTT Turkey installs 600 multifunctional ATMs

Winning new customers through improved self-service offerings

By extending its service offering in the self-service sales channel and installing new ATMs, the Turkish postal service (PTT) wants to win new customers. To this end, PTT has commissioned Wincor Nixdorf to install 600 multifunctional ATMs. The rollout will start in the beginning of March 2012 and is due to be completed by the end of August.
As of this year, PTT has also been allowing third-party customers to withdraw cash from its ATMs via debit and credit card. The bank's aim is to offer customers as many services as possible on the ATM, which is why the systems are equipped with modules for depositing bank notes and checks (CCDM). The systems also continue to dispense coins.
In addition to the high level of functionality, security was also a significant factor in awarding the order. The ProCash 2150 systems therefore include both anti-skimming and anti-cash trapping solutions that identify and effectively prevent manipulation.
Once the current installation has been completed, around half of all the ATMs in the PPT network will be from Wincor Nixdorf. The company already installed the first 204 systems at PTT in 2009.