Osram GmbH

Osram offers more efficient illuminated advertising and greater design flexibility

Osram LED Boxled

Osram is presenting its latest generation of illuminated advertising products at Viscom 2012, the international specialist fair for visual communication, technology and design, from 25 to 27 October in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The LED modules Boxled Side Plus, Boxled Back Plus and Backled Plus enable new designs, reduce costs for installation and also feature improved illumination.

Osram has already been supplying LED illuminated advertising products since Viscom 2010: Boxled Back and Boxled Side are used for lighting illuminated cases and city-light posters; Backled are used for the backlighting of profiled letters. All three products have now been improved across the board and greater design flexibility is achieved via more compact modules and the option of operating a single module as the smallest unit.

Plus-Versions replace its ancestors

The new products enable better illumination due to greater efficiency, meaning more luminance per watt. The new product generation can be identified with the "Plus" on the name. With Boxled Side two products will exist in the future, i.e. Boxled Side and Boxled Side Plus, and with the other products only the Plus variant will be available.

Multiple efficiency levels are available

Boxled Back Plus and Backled Plus utilise so-called flat ray technology, where lenses applied to the LEDs mean that module distances can be expanded without compromises in terms of illuminance homogeneity. This saves up to 75% of LED modules according to applications and thus cuts costs as well. The Backled Plus modules are available in the three efficiency levels S, M and L for small/flat, medium and large/deep profiled letters. When used in illuminated cases, all BoxLED modules and Backled M Plus and L Plus can be alternatively clicked in simply and without tools via the Click & Play system. For Backled M Plus and L Plus there is now a new, narrower mounting profile or guide into which the module clicks in during installation.

New control units for new lighting generation

A total of six different Optotronic 24V control units are available for outdoor applications, suitable for the already available Boxled Side Plus and Boxled Back Plus product families, and either with or without integrated 1…10V interface. An upgraded family of Optotronic 12V control units is available for outdoor use at four efficiency levels for the Backled S/M/L Plus product ranges available from the beginning of 2013.