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Organoid Decorative Coatings

Decorative Coating Alpine Meadow

At the Euroshop we present our newest development, the Organoid decorative coatings. These are natural coatings made of Alpine grass, Swiss pine, giant leaves, and many other woods and leaves which can be applied on any carrier. It is also possible to coat free formed objects. The advantages compared to laser printed coatings are the natural and authentic fragrance, and the tactile surface. Possible applications are in furniture, exhibition stand and shop construction, as well as high end packaging.
Organoid decorative coatings are characterized by their naturalness and offer an experience of the various raw materials with all senses. For example, enjoy the natural fragrance of a Tyrolean Alpine meadow at above 1500m sea level. Handmown by a mountain farmer. Material possibilities from ‘A’ as in Alpine grass to ‘Z’ as in Zucchini leaves.