Norpe Oy

Norpe introduces a breakthrough innovation in energy efficiency – Energy savings up to 50 %


Norpe e-ncore is a revolutionary air curtain solution based on research made in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics. The air curtain is shaped by air flowing in a parabolic shape. The air curtain's air speed is lower the closer it is to the warm air outside the cabinet. With a combination of the unique shape and the air speed variations, the e-ncore air curtain minimises the mixing of warm and cold air. Norpe e-ncore surpasses all the existing single- and double-air curtain solutions on the market.

When e-ncore technology is combined with an optimised evaporator and EC fan design, a next-generation night curtain or double glass doors and a mix of other energy efficiency features, energy consumption can be reduced by 50% with Ventus and 35% with Novus. Ventus and Novus have been tested in an independent laboratory and the results show that the new Norpe multidecks are currently in a class of their own.

"Norpe has really innovated something remarkable when it comes to the total life-cycle costs of multideck cabinets. Outstanding energy savings, better temperature stability and a possibility to run the multidecks with a smaller power pack really make a difference for food retail customers," says Anselmi Immonen, Business unit Director, Products & Services.