Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH

New structures in projects consultation: Pfleiderer is consistently expanding its expertise

At the EuroShop trade fair from 16 to 20 February 2014 in Düsseldorf, Pfleiderer will for the first time be presenting its new projects consultation service available throughout Germany. In order to be able to advise customers even more individually in future, in a matrix organisation within its projects sales division, the wood-based panel manufacturer is concentrating on four main segments with specialists: In the retail, health & care, accommodation and exhibition segments the expertise of the projects consultants is consolidated in specific industries and is therefore tailored optimally to the needs of architects, owners/developers and contractors. If you wish, you will get all the advice you need from a single source: From lightweight construction to fire protection through to particularly ecological products. Perfectly fitting for every project. In addition, in future Pfleiderer will also be increasing its focus on the international projects business in core and growth markets.

"Nobody will be able to copy us any time soon"

"It goes without saying that the colleagues have outstanding knowledge when it comes to the properties of our products", says Stefan Brommler, who is responsible for the projects business in Pfleiderer: "They each have sound know-how in the different divisions and know what is especially important, for example, in hotel buildings or doctors' practices, and no-one will be able to replicate this fast. For this reason, our projects consultants have been highly sought-after contacts for architects and contractors for many years – it's not without reason that our products and consultants have been ranked among the top places in the annual Architects’ Partner Awards (APA)." With the new structure in the projects business, which enables our colleagues to concentrate on specific segments, Pfleiderer is consistently expanding its advisory expertise.

So in future one team of wood-based panel experts will only deal with retail properties, for example, with shop fitting projects of fashion chains, local facilities providers, perfume shops, drugstores and system catering. Another team will focus on hospitals, care homes and pharmacy chains. The third segment, "accommodation", not only includes worldwide hotel chains, but also boat and ship building, for which Pfleiderer has a wide variety of certified special products in its range. After all, wood-based panels on the high seas should be as light as possible, moisture resistant and flame resistant. Other areas of use also benefit from these product properties, for example, exhibition areas such as trade fairs, showrooms, TV studios or museums, which form the fourth segment in Pfleiderer's project business.

The greatest possible design options in structural fire protection

As most of these projects attract large numbers of the public, structural fire protection is a hot topic – in all segments. Architects and contractors can therefore rely on the expertise of Pfleiderer's project consultants. With the consultants’ help, the professionals are guaranteed to find the right wood-based panels for the structural fire protection needed for their projects. And they don't have to worry about having to restrict their design options. After all, Pfleiderer's fire protection products can be finished with virtually all 180 decors and ten textures of the current collection. That means around 1800 combination options and also applies to all 16 cores of the wood-based panel manufacturer – including its "specialities": BalanceBoard, LivingBoard and MFP Hybrid, which are enjoying increasing popularity in the projects business.