IPSOS Retail Performance

New service for retailers to optimise staffing levels and sales

Retailers requiring detailed insights into how staffing affects sales conversion and store performance can now do so following the launch of a new monitoring and analysis product by footfall counting specialists, Ipsos Retail Performance.

As part of a suite of web based reporting modules, Diamond Staff Review is a staff deployment and review system that enables retailers to plan more effectively their staff members working hours against a recommended profile, calculated by store, and by day and hour. This means customer footfall, staff stretch and staff spread can all be monitored, compared and reviewed to ensure that staffing levels are always optimised.

Diamond Staff Review is part of a suite of interactive, functional modules that help to maximise the operational output of specific fixtures and zones within stores. It sits within the same web based platform as all of the Ipsos Retail Performance Gem reports, providing one integrated access point for retailers.

Diamond Staff Review enables retailers to use previous footfall patterns to schedule customer-facing activities to help maximise conversion rates as well as helping to make the best use of payroll budget.

“Store staff are a major asset for retailers, they are also a major resource which needs to be optimised, particularly during tough economic conditions and where competition is fierce,” says Peter Luff, President, Ipsos Retail Performance. “By having detailed insights into the organisation and management of store personnel, retailers can take informed decisions about how, when and where staff should be most effectively deployed.”

Features of Ipsos Retail Performance’s Diamond Staff Review include:

• Staff information – Set up and maintenance of staff information, details and availability

• Store hours budget – Set up and maintenance of weekly budgets

• Deployment planning - Create and amend schedules, to ensure correct staffing levels across a retailer’s estate. Retailers can use a graphical image to help them make their choice of which staff to deploy, where to deploy them and which shift to give them on a daily basis

• Deployment review – Daily review tool which can be used to print out an activities list or produce a detailed rota

• Staff Review enables retailers to review performance against staff deployment, providing a quick overview of a week’s daily shifts and total working hours for the week with the ability to review performance against staffing levels

• Compliance Report allows for a quick overview of which schedules have been completed and which are outstanding Ipsos Retail Performance’s easy-to-use range of intuitive and interactive online reporting tools lets retailers see and analyse the performance of their stores.

Up-to-date reports show Footfall Traffic, Conversion Rates, Average Transaction Values and Transaction Quantity measures for different time intervals.

Designed in partnership with retailers, the reports are tailored for both operational and strategic use, store managers, area managers and head office. Retailers select the reporting tools they need, and as their business develops, can add modules to get even more value from the data.

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About Ipsos Retail Performance Ipsos Retail Performance provides footfall monitoring solutions, shopper tracking systems and in-store behavioural research to retailers worldwide. Its core products - Shopper Count, Shopper Interact and Shopper Engage – scientifically measure all aspects of a shopper experience from store entry to exit. It supplies national and international retailers with essential business metrics to drive accountability and performance improvement.

Ipsos Retail Performance is home to the Retail Traffic Index series, which for over 10 years has been the industry’s leading tracker of national, regional and sector retail footfall trends. It is also co-founder of the KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank, offering thought leadership on the state of retail health and the future of retailing.

More information on Ipsos Retail Performance can be found at www.ipsos-retailperformance.com For general information relating to Ipsos Retail Performance, email info.rp@ipsos.com. Ipsos Retail Performance Limited is registered in England and Wales under number 3552625 with its registered address at Minerva House, 5 Montague Close, London, SE1 9AY, UK. Ipsos Retail Performance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ipsos.