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New retail display Directory out now

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The Shop and Display Equipment Association has published a comprehensive guide to the world of shopfittings and display. The sdea Directory is the industry’s annual showcase, giving an insight into the vast array of display equipment available to help create inspiring retail spaces.

This little book has over a hundred pages of data designed to lead you conveniently to the suppliers of literally thousands of shopfittings, display, signage, PoS and visual merchandising products and services.

In addition, the publishers have brought together a fascinating collection of the most stimulating retail concepts launched over the last 12 months. From White Stuff’s new masterpiece in Edinburgh to the 10 floor Hyundai department store in Korea, there is something for everyone.

The sdea Directory has full details and descriptions of all sdea member companies within the alphabetical section. And you can search by trade name, location, product, service or retail trade, quickly and easily, to locate your specific retail display product and service.