Arken S.p.A.

New feautres in web-site

Our commitment is to serve you better!

In the private area of our website, you can download all of Arken’s pdf files, including catalogues, sales support, brochures and price lists.
For our available products you can also download technical information, high and low quality images, assembly instructions, as well as item quantities currently available in our warehouse and incoming shipments of additional quantities…
On every order you can check delivery time, order processing and delivery status. Additionally account statements, invoices and delivery documents, price lists and customized prices, goods on sale and shortfalls are always up-to-date.
Browsing through our list of products you can select and save customized reports for your own internal use, e.g, new instock inventory … or offer your customers a list of a subset of products from Arken’s wide product range.
There is so much more on our website’s “private area” available 24/ 7 – please ask for your free access code today to see for yourself!
Euroshop NEW: you can purchase wood panels at in custom sizes from Arken’s large inventory of wood .