Checkpoint Systems GmbH

New Security Solutions Offer Clear Advantages For Health and Beauty Retailers

Micro EP PST Label, CLASSIC STREET Antenna Protect Small,

High-Value Merchandise Targeted by Thieves

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of shrink management solutions is expanding its Enhanced Performance (EP) Label range and launching a new Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna to provide health and beauty retailers and brand manufacturers with innovative solutions against shoplifting.

Micro EP PST Label

The Micro EP PST (Postage Stamp) Label is the smallest label of its kind on the market. With a 2.5cm x 2.3cm size(1”x0.9”), the new label has been designed to protect small, high-value merchandise, such as cosmetic products, which are increasingly being targeted by thieves, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer.

Representing a breakthrough in engineering, the Micro EP PST label provides improved performance with a 60% smaller footprint thanks to micro-technology. The clear face of the label also allows for visible protection, showing that the label contains EAS, and providing a strong deterrent for potential shoplifters.

Available in white, barcode and clear, the label can be customized with the merchandise brand and/or store name, improving the ease of identifying, claiming and recovering stolen items. It is also tamper resistant, featuring a special adhesive which bonds to packaging, making it virtually impossible to remove without causing damage and reducing its resale value.

The Micro EP PST label can be integrated through high-speed source tagging, which involves its application to the merchandise’s packaging at the point of manufacture. This can save time and cost at a store level while ensuring that labels are applied consistently and without covering important merchandise information such as the brand name, content or allergy warnings. Source tagging also increases speed-to-shelf, which frees up staff to concentrate on servicing their customers rather than tagging merchandise.

“Today, effective security solutions should deliver more than just merchandise protection ,” said Farrokh Abadi, president Shrink Management Solutions. “They should address retailers’ and brand manufacturers’ concerns with improving on-shelf availability, enhancing the shoppers’ experience and increasing sales . We have developed our latest Micro PST labels with these goals in mind.”


The new CLASSIC STREET antenna has also been designed to enable retailers to protect merchandise, improve product availability and drive sales. Part of the CLASSIC range of EAS antennas, the STREET system offers highly effective detection at a 6 ft/1.80 m aisle width. Its enhanced detection capabilities make it a perfect solution for health and beauty retailers seeking an antenna with attractive design and high-level in-store security.

Featuring new electronics, the CLASSIC STREET offers benefits to retailers that are looking for a simple solution to protect merchandise. The new electronics enable retailers to locate the antenna closer to merchandise and checkout environments, thus increasing their sales floor square foot area, while offering performance consistency and reducing false alarms.