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New ELYS FOOD FAMILY: the lighting that every store needs

Benefit from the right food lighting for each area that brings out the best in all fresh products in your store. Introducing a new chapter of the SLE exclusive portfolio: the ELYS FOOD FAMILY.

Good lighting in a supermarket is able to help customers to make the right buying decisions and at the same time creates a pleasant shopping environment that stimulates purchase behaviours. Research results showed that the decision process is affected by the quality of the customer’s shopping experience as well. Our solutions are designed to bring out the best in the appearance of all the products on display. ELYS FOOD family is available now to enhance the in-store experience by highlighting the products with professional food lighting.

Create the ambience in your store that is both relaxing and inspiring for your customers with this luminaire family specially designed for food lighting applications. ELYS FOOD luminaires are fully adjustable with 3 different beam angles, have exceptional reflector and efficiency, and are supplied with Tridonic LED Driver and COB-LED module.

We provide lighting solutions for every application connected to retail. Choose effective and intelligent solutions from the portfolio of SLE at:

If your products are fresh, highlight them! We provide special fresh food solutions supplied with various CCT for the best lighting of each product.

BAKERY products:
The brownish shades of GOLD CCT add a crispy look, while with the golden shades of GOLD+ we can achieve the „fresh out of the oven“ appearance.

Green produce looks more attractive and appealing with enhanced colours under FRUIT CCT.

MEAT products:
Make displayed meat products look fresh while white elements remain naturally white with MEAT module, and add MEAT+ for highlighting red colour tones.

Underline the freshness of fish and seafood with colder light colour tones of FISH module luminaires.

Food lighting solutions by SLE are designed to achieve high energy saving potential. The luminaires are A++ certified so that your store lighting has smaller environmental footprint. To further enhance efficiency lighting controls adjust the light level when there is sufficient natural light available. This way the new solution will combine optimal comfort for the eyes with minimal energy consumption.