Cefla Arredamenti Group

New Cefla Arredamenti Group products at Euroshop

Our impressive stand - Hall15 - Stand E32 - with an array of talks and demonstrations,
is the ideal backdrop for the new products that Cefla Arredamenti Group
is presenting to the international market. They are the concrete result of
research and investment into innovation that the company
has carried out in the last three years.

Imola 26 February 2011. Cefla Arredamenti Group is offering visitors to Euroshop 2011 a truly show-stopping performance!

As well as the official announcement of the Vitrina Production Group’s entrance into the Imola Group’s corporate structure and part of its extensive stand, there is a full programme of talks and presentations which will bring the original, Lombardini22-designed display area to life under the word INSIEME (TOGETHER), which boldly announces the company philosophy.

But the main attraction are the new products, the result of major investments and in-depth research to supply the most valid, up to date solutions in the various retail areas: from checkouts to digital signage,
DIY to non-precription drugs.

The Cefla Arredamenti Group’s reputation for continuous innovation is clearly displayed in its 500 square metre stand.


Cefla is known for its reliable checkout solutions. The three models on display have been conceived as ergonomic work stations as well as communication tools. They represent the full range of solutions offered by the new Avantgarde line, which can satisfy your every need.

Transformer checkout
The most eagerly awaited product from Cefla Arredamenti Group in the checkout area is undoubtedly Transformer, the innovative hybrid checkout, which can be used as a self or manned checkout, the first of its kind on the market.
Flexibility is the key word for this solution, from decorative elements to software, integration and assistance.
Created as part of the Avantgarde line, Transformer aims to maintain the functionality of the traditional checkout as well as productivity, being ergonomic and functional in the self mode and able to manage both trolley and basket shopping.
In short: Transformer can be used in the self mode when the customer flow does not justify opening an additional traditional checkout, or employed in the manned mode when the customer flow or desired level of service requires another traditional checkout to be opened.

Transformer combines technology and functionality making the self version more user-friendly and suited to the characteristics of the retail point.

Transformer embodies Cefla’s goal “to be the benchmark in retail solutions”.

Avantgarde checkout
Avantgarde is the modular checkout whose design focuses on the role of the cashier, improving customer service and relations, yet at the same time responds to store needs for customisation and functionality, without neglecting the environmental impact. This new manned checkout, which has been developed by Ergon with R&S Cefla Arredamenti, is designed as an ergonomic work station but also a communication tool.

The possibility to choose between two different counter heights enables the creation of a work station that is more comfortable and efficient in the two most common working configurations (sitting/standing operator work station and sitting operator work station).

The structure of Avantgarde offers wide-ranging customisation options to complement IT developments and updated store images. It also improves interaction between the cashier and the customer and allows more efficient use of the technological equipment.

Its innovative structure with load-bearing column supports makes the checkout design more streamlined with the ‘modesty panel’ (the modesty panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, with decorative features too) turned into a highly characterizing styling and communication feature. The “three-dimensional” development also includes vertical development with a tall column fitted with extensible arms to support the POS payment system: Avantgarde allows three IT configurations and adjustable counter heights to be implemented according to uses.

The central interface has been designed to make the use of IT tools ergonomic and efficient, and, at the same time, to allow easier customer interaction.
Another outstanding new feature is the (patented) basin disc which, in ‘large basin’ models, replaces the roller and belt conveyor systems: with its rotary motion, the new disc guarantees higher goods throughput between the centre area and the bottom of the basin which leads to faster bagging and makes the checkout quicker.

Avantgarde draws on the Cefla Arredamenti Group’s unparalleled experience in the industry, and, in-depth ergonomic research culminating in ISPESL testing.
In addition to the Single and Twins configurations, the Avantgarde checkout range also features the Avantgarde Isola model, with a narrow basin and “basin disc”, designed especially for the French market; infact the 80 cm cashier’s area, complies with the very latest French ergonomic standards.
The functional accessories include the new bagging shelf below the basin.

At a time when new technology offers the advantage of virtual interaction and online shopping, a visit to the Retail Point is a conscious consumer choice. As such, new tools which make this a stimulating, enjoyable experience are indispensable.

Cefla Digital Signage
Thanks to Cefla’s wide experience in the production of shop fittings and its collaboration with such a reliable, competent partner as MCube, the most innovative audio-video technological equipment has been perfectly integrated into the fittings thus bringing the benefits of advanced communications to the Point of Sale. Digital Signage enables flexible push operations with high-speed, constantly changing communications.

Digital Signage makes a visit to the retail point a more vibrant, eye-catching and interactive experience, but also offers a hi-tech service to attract the customers’ interest and help them in their selections; it enables a dynamic, effective, timely means of communication because, depending on the application, it guarantees a direct, immediate message at the moment of purchase, highlights promotions, enhances products and offers detailed information.

Another key point is the perfect integration of Digital Signage into the shopfitting structure, which gives the environment of the retail point an attractive, polished and innovative image.

The renowned modularity and flexibility of Cefla fitting systems also extends to the Digital Signange communication system. The integration of Information Technology into the fitting structure allows for articulated compositions which give maximum performance while taking up minimum space, providing the interior of a retail point with an organic form and harmonious design.


System 25 Evolution
It is now possible to “increase” the display space using the patented shelving system with a single backpanel, which makes more surface area available: System 25 Evolution offers an effective advantage in terms of sales and turnover, guaranteeing the same loadbearing capacity over a reduced surface area.

System25 Evolution features a structure with a single backpanel, which offers the end customer greater convenience and more merchandising opportunities, which are particularly important factors in the development of proximity formats.
Major orders which have already been implemented have enabled the recovery of approximately 10 cm over the same display surface area by taking advantage of the entire column width: System 25 Evolution makes way for profit.

The System25 shopfitting range offers specific, custom-built display solutions whose distinctive appearance can be used to characterise the various areas of the retail point, not only in large-scale retail stores but also specialist points of sale.

The versatility of System25 makes it possible to articulate the configurations of the display in terms of image and functional performance: from the non-prescription drugs and health and beauty line to the textiles line; there are also solutions for home decor and DIY, recently expanded with the addition of a complete range of accessories.

Fittings for the non-prescription drug and perfumery sector
A versatile new design for the Health & Beauty sector lets you create a vast range of display solutions especially for the fitting of both specialised points of sale and non-prescription corners inside large scale retail distribution stores.

It shares the basic, distinctive characteristics of the Cefla Arredamenti Group’s established displayer lines, being flexible, easy to equip and easy to assemble.
On top of these benefits are the other special features designed for the Heath & Beauty sector: the formal lightness of the structure and the clear predisposition for integrated communication and lighting systems which enable further enhancement of the products on display.
While the display style evokes a medical/professional setting where hygiene, order and cleanliness are predominant, emphasis is also placed on functionality and ergonomics which facilitate not only the purchase but also the fluidity of the process, especially at busy times.

The structure is essential, lightweight and non-invasive, to give maximum visibility to the products and reflects their specific features, such as small, lightweight packages and the characteristic “splashes of colour” of the various brands.
The studied design for an effective display allows the customer to visualize the product immediately according to his or her actual need. In fact on each shelf there are are several references for each product type, following a product merchandising method which clearly identifies the “solution to a problem” to stimulate and facilitate self service purchasing.
In addition, the display structure enables the products to be stocked directly in the sales area (also with lockable storage sections and sliding doors) which means the pharmacist or assistant does not have to leave the area and leave customers unattended.

Particular attention has been paid to the research into integrated lighting solutions (all featuring strictly low energy consumption) communications and the creation of areas with an eye-catching aesthetic impact, which recreate the atmosphere of specialist stores. The transparent shelves make it easier for personnel to keep a constant check on product expiry dates. Research into colours and materials has produced colours and finishes which enhance the products on display and also facilitate cleaning.

The most innovative aspects of the structure are the hooking devices for the display shelves, which are attached using an “advanced” profile which combines lighting and communications, or a clamp.
These innovative solutions make it possible to eliminate traditional support brackets for display shelves with great advantages from an aesthetic and functional point of view; the attractive formal lightness is in fact combined with total visibility of all the goods on display.

Fittings for the Hardware and DIY sector
The most important aspects of these new fittings for the DIY sector are the System25 integrated single frame with the optimization of the display surface, also on the head.
The solutions on offer satisfy every commodity display need in all types of DIY retail point, from hard to soft DIY and priximity DIY.

For each accessory there are various display options, according to the visual merchandising for the target market and the positioning of the retail point.
The range of DIY fittings also includes integrated solutions for product education and enables the sale of goods through free touch, to guide and facilitate the customer and enhance the sensorial side of the purchasing experience.

DIY accessory types: gardening, building, hobbies, lifestyle, technical

The Cefla Arredamenti Group corporate structure has recently welcomed the entrance of the Vitrina Production Group, one of the leading Russian companies in the organised large-scale retail distribution fitting sector, resulting in an unprecedented, complete product catalogue, in particular for the northern European market. The formats adopted by Vitrina, with 50 mm pitch slots, complies with German and Anglo-Saxon standards.
The display fittings are all based on these standards: both the shelving dedicated to all the food and non-food commodity sectors, the integrated rack in both the DIY and cash&carry version, and the picking version (wall and gondola shelving).
The Euroshop stand also features “Accent” checkouts produced in Russia under the Cefla brand, a prime example of how the two companies are sharing their expertise.