SensorLine ApS

New BOSSystem modules - Out now!

At Euroshop SensorLine launches 4 new Security modules:

The MP12s, the TP6s are new extension of the A8 access point. Use them for touch-and-try display of mobile phones and tablets. They monitor display performance and consumer behavior as people interact with products on display. As a bonus, they show product videos on external screens when consumers tries out the mobiles or tablets on display.

The A5L is used for draws and easier access to display cabinets. Powered by a 12V power supply, the A5L handles locks on display cabinets, draws etc. - and the AP5s do what the MP12s and the TP6s does - just on a smaller scale.

For display of tablets, we've developed the Black and White SWAN - two beautiful stands for display of tablets. Read all about the SWAN Tablet display here.