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Netvico provides DB with Queue Management

Netvico Queue DB

Netvico has signed a comprehensive frame contract with Germany’s Deutsche Bahn. Travel centres and Mobility Service Centres are to be renewed and expanded at over 40 locations across Germany.

A Europe-wide tender preceded the project, at which netvico successfully asserted itself in competition with the digital signage industry.

New hardware and services

Netvico will develop, install, operate and maintain the queuing system for customers and employees as well as the digital media in travel centres of the Deutsche Bahn. For this purpose, netvico develops new hardware products and service functions for all components: queue management systems, desktop devices at the switch and digital indicator panels.

Smooth system control with software solution

Netvico will also use its proven and tested software technology PlayEverywhere for smooth control of the system. The company developed the interface concept of the queue management systems for disabled access together with Fraunhofer IAO.