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Nedap selected for lighting retrofit projects at a major North American wholesale chain


Initiated by the rising cost of energy, a major North American retailer began retrofitting the general lighting systems of their warehouses in Eastern Canada late last year.

The main objectives of these retrofits are to significantly reduce warehouse energy consumption and maintenance costs while improving overall lighting performance. Meeting these objectives enables the retailer to provide a superior shopping experience with continued savings through innovative operational efficiencies.

Reduction of energy & maintenance costs

The efficiency of the Nedap Smart Lighting Solution provides immediate energy savings in comparison to the existing lighting systems. However, the majority of overall energy savings are captured by the Light Management System. The system features dimmable lighting fixtures with integrated wireless controls and intuitive light management software. This enables the end user to realize significant energy savings and maintenance cost reductions via intelligent scheduling, daylight harvesting, load shedding and occupancy sensing.

Nedap's unique distributed light management system – Luxon Live – is designed from a user perspective and can be utilized for a single location or consolidating multiple facilities across the globe. The system provides constant communication to and from the lighting fixtures. Continual diagnostic and monitoring functions provide key metrics and data in real-time while reporting features are used to aggregate critical data into meaningful reports. The project rollout started late last year and is scheduled for 2014 onwards.

Source: Nedap Light Controls