Nedap Retail

Nedap introduces universal approach on loss prevention and stock management

Nedap enables retail acceleration with cloud-based solutions

Groenlo, The Netherlands, 5 February 2014

For fast-growing retailers who need to maximize the profitability of every store, Nedap Retail technologies provide management with holistic cloud-based solutions for stock management and loss prevention. At EuroShop 2014, Nedap Retail will showcase how its global team works with retailers, even in the earliest stages of (global) expansion plans, and commits their expertise and technology to constantly improve each store's profitability.

Nedap will demonstrate new and enhanced solutions including:

Cloud-based organization-wide analytics
Real-time information for retail managers at the regional and (inter-)national level allows them to remotely control and steer the main in-store processes. By linking key in-store processes, Nedap’s Retail Analytics gives managers instant insight into the behavior of staff members, visitors and systems in all connected stores, thereby triggering immediate high impact actions.

Cloud controlled stock management
With RFID-based stock management, both sales staff and management can optimize stock levels and merchandise availability. At EuroShop, Nedap will demonstrate how its clients are using RFID technology for item-level identification of merchandise to increase sales and reduce losses. Nedap’s fixed and mobile RFID readers track inventory from delivery to sale within each outlet, and the app for fast stocktaking signals out-of-stock situations and replenishment opportunities.

Cloud controlled loss prevention
The future of loss prevention is unobtrusive store and article sensors delivering real-time information. Nedap will demonstrate how both new and installed technologies can be harnessed to create more effective article surveillance systems. Connected to CCTV and access control, Nedap’s RF- and RFID-based electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems provide retailers with the most comprehensive cloud-based loss prevention solutions that give real-time insight into store operations, enabling immediate reaction.

Nedap cloud solutions
All Nedap systems automatically report to a controlled cloud environment that generates reports and flags exceptions in real-time. Data is instantly available via API’s and web interfaces and the business critical information is displayed in a dedicated app. Retailers benefit directly from the first single store deployment, because there is no need for complex integration or servers in each retail location. This ensures a 100% scalable solution, topped with simple to install, maintenance-friendly systems and always up-to-date software.