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Nedap Retail to roll-out international RFID upgrade

Groenlo, the Netherlands -- August 20, 2013

Nedap was awarded a large-scale RFID roll-out in 19 countries by a major French sports retailer. The project entails the upgrading of all existing Nedap RF electronic article surveillance (EAS) antennas to hybrid RF/RFID antennas. Completion of the RFID roll-out is scheduled for March 2014.

Hybrid RF/RFID EAS antennas
With the selected Nedap solution, 400+ stores that were initially equipped with Nedap RF EAS antennas, are now in the process of being upgraded to dual technology RF and RFID EAS systems. These hybrid EAS systems offer both RF and RFID detection combined in one pedestal. Additionally, all new stores that are opened, are immediately equipped with RF/RFID EAS systems.

Loss prevention & traceability
With hybrid antennas, retailers, who apply RFID for product traceability, can gradually switch from RF to RFID for loss prevention as to benefit from the fact that products are already RFID-labeled. Retailers can gradually replace RF by RFID labels during the transition phase or apply dual protection on selected product groups with a high theft risk.

As Rob Schuurman, managing director at Nedap Retail, explains: “Our hybrid !D Gate antenna is a unique solution for retailers, who want to implement RFID in the future. As both RF and RFID label detection are combined in one pedestal, retailers can protect their loss prevention investments by selecting future-proof hardware. As the !D Gate pedestals are RFID ready, the RFID upgrade is literally a clip-in module thus significantly limiting the overall hardware investment costs.”


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