NCR point-of-sale technology solution makes the everyday easier at leading German Bakery

NCR RealPOS 25 in use at the bakery

Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei modernizes point-of-sale software and hardware to provide customers with exceptional shopping experiences

AUGSBURG, Germany, February 11, 2014 – NCR, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, and dascus, an NCR value-added reseller (VAR) for retail and hospitality, are modernizing the point-of-sale (POS) infrastructure of all 109 branches of the German bakery chain Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei. The complete solution consists of software and hardware along with services and support provided by dascus.

Stangengrüner Mühlenbackerei is known for using recipes that have been handed down for generations. With the latest POS technology, the bakery’s customers can enjoy the tastes and smells of the old world, but are quickly on their way in today’s fast-paced society.

The NCR RealPOS 25 gives the bakery a compact and convenient touch-screen POS solution, ideal for a high-traffic environment. The bakery uses the EasiPOS cash and Central Store Office (CSO) software that was specifically developed by dascus for the bakery business. The solution ensures future transactions and pricing changes can be managed centrally. Daily receipts are also analyzed from a central location, giving the Mühlenbackerei a quick overview of each individual branch’s sales. The open software architecture of the NCR RealPOS 25 provides problem-free installation for future software updates as they are available.

Due to its design, the POS technology enables small and midsized retailers to realize significant energy savings, since it features an energy-saving processor and runs without a cooling fan. With its compact design, the technology is easy to setup and maintain. Its color and branding can be customized according to a retailer’s individual preferences and can be used either as a POS workstation or multimedia kiosk for self-service applications.

“We want to reflect on our traditions, but at the same time offer our customers a better shopping experience using modern solutions,” says Volker Seifert, CEO at Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei. “NCR technology allows us to standardize the infrastructure of the cash systems across our branches. We chose NCR for its low running costs and high investment protection. As a result, we are making day-to-day business easier for our employees and more pleasant for our customers.”

The bakery started as a windmill in 1861. Today it has 610 employees in 109 branches in the states of Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria.

“The fact that such a traditional firm like Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei has chosen to use our complete POS technology solution really shows how important innovative and efficient technology is for day-to-day retail,” explains Stefan Clemens, Area Sales Leader, NCR Retail. “NCR POS technology solutions enable retailers to profit from higher productivity and a quicker return on investment.”

As an NCR channel partner for retail and hospitality, dascus will take over the installation of the NCR RealPOS 25 and its subsequent service and support.