NCR launches customer feedback and social media referral solution for restaurant operators

Innovative web-based application being used to manage customer experience, drive referrals and increase average checks

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced the launch of NCR Customer Voice, a web-based customer loyalty, retention and referral tool that enables operators to monitor customer satisfaction, deal with any dissatisfaction immediately and turn happy customers into brand ambassadors using social media channels.

Already driving increased sales for users, NCR Customer Voice provides restaurant operators with an easy way to survey customers and automate the process for receiving feedback on the customers’ experience. The software uses two survey questions that take less than 30 seconds to complete for customers and are distributed via email or available via a survey link on the customer’s receipt. Analytics that leverage the Net Promoter Score methodology are then used to escalate any concerns by customers so that operators can quickly make wrongs right and reach out directly to customers as soon as the feedback is given.

The solution also includes tools to turn happy customers into an unpaid sales force by leveraging social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This creates a powerful low-cost, high-value marketing channel for restaurant operators to reach prospective customers through referrals driven from their existing customer base.

NCR Customer Voice is currently integrated with the NCR Aloha restaurant technology solution and will be made available for other NCR product lines in 2013.

“NCR Customer Voice gives operators the ability to understand the true value of every customer they have through the customer lifetime value model,” said Jeff Hughes, vice president of hosted solutions, NCR Hospitality. “Its robust capabilities empower operators to take action on customer feedback and increase their marketing channels.”

Tom & Eddie’s, a quick service concept in the Chicago metro area, implemented NCR Customer Voice in November 2011 to incorporate gaining customer feedback and measuring customer satisfaction into its operations.

“It’s more expensive to attract a new customer vs. keeping an existing one,” said Tony Dentice, Tom & Eddie’s. “With Customer Voice, we are keeping customers that we never knew were dissatisfied in the past. As a result, our customers are happier and we’re able to increase our average checks.”

“Within four months, 2,000 surveys were completed with 16% of these customers referring friends to our restaurant by sharing incentives through their social networks,” said Tammy Cicora, chief hospitality officer, Tom & Eddies. “Over 20% of these referrals have come into the restaurant, driving new customer traffic and giving us the opportunity to create more brand ambassadors.”