NCR introduces enterprise management software for self-checkout terminals

New platform lowers costs, simplifies management and provides enhanced insight into business performance of self-checkout terminals

AUGSBURG/DUESSELDORF, Germany – NCR today launched the NCR SelfServ Checkout Enterprise Suite, a software platform that enables chain store retailers to centrally manage self-checkout terminals across their entire network of stores. The new platform consists of a series of modules to help retailers lower IT administration costs, make more informed business decisions and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

The first available module will be Item Security, followed by Personalization, Configuration Management and Distribution. Each one features an executive dashboard that gives retail managers enhanced insight into the performance of their self-checkout lanes by providing key performance indicators from individual stores.

“The release of our Enterprise Suite software management platform and its innovative modules will create exceptional value for customers, making it simpler and easier to manage networks of self-checkout lanes from a central office,” said Mark Wallace, solution management director, NCR Corporation.

The new Item Security module monitors security events in real-time, using proactive learning technology to automatically correct product weight databases or adjust other parameters based on data from individual stores. The software also immediately identifies new product items as they are scanned and automatically collects information to populate all stores with an accurate weight profile, which is used by the security scale in the NCR SelfServ Checkout to ensure that each product the customer puts in their bag has been scanned correctly. These capabilities reduce the frequency of staff interventions, improving the customer experience while maintaining effective security. Many configuration options are available, enabling the retailer to define the level of oversight they require.

“Although security at self-checkout terminals is effectively managed today at the store-level with minimal staff intervention, chain stores or other retailers with distributed operations will benefit from the enterprise-level oversight and management of security parameters,” adds Wallace.

Millions of consumers use NCR SelfServ™ Checkout at more than 150 retailers from 12 different retail segments and over 22 countries around the world. NCR recently has been ranked again as the global market leader in self-checkout, according to VDC Research Group and Retail Banking Research (RBR).

The software release is available to new or existing NCR SelfServ Checkout customers.

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