NCR Command Center solution provides greater control and enhanced management for retail technology platforms

NCR Command Center

SaaS-based technology remotely monitors health of self-checkout and point-of-sale systems in real time on PCs and mobile devices

AUGSBURG/DUESSELDORF, Germany, February 17, 2014 – NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today announced NCR Command Center, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides secure, multi-factor user authentication for managing NCR retail technology platforms. The solution gives retailers real-time monitoring, alerts and remote diagnostic capabilities.

NCR Command Center provides retailers and NCR support services with new and enhanced resources to monitor and proactively resolve problems remotely. The tool is available on supported NCR systems and enables more up-time and fewer site visits by technicians which increases lane availability and enhances the shopping experience.

“Remote support of site systems traditionally involved a trade-off between ease-of-use and security. Command Center provides powerful support tools to simplify life at the site and enforce strict security measures for who has access and what tasks they can perform,” said Jimmy Frangis, vice president of services operations, NCR Retail. “The implications for lowering costs and inconvenience from outages of retail systems are tremendous since many can be avoided or greatly diminished through proactive monitoring.”

Proactive, remote monitoring creates optimal service levels

Command Center is a dynamic support tool enabling enhanced levels of service for retail systems, actively monitoring the status of each server and terminal in real time. Proactive alerts allow many issues to be resolved before they impact operations, allowing staff to focus on store operations and customer service.

NCR hardware and software solutions have been engineered to provide data output that directly supports Command Center. The NCR retail platform software and device firmware generate events and tallies that feed the tool and its proactive nature. Management and services personnel can link with any device, receiving an immediate view of its ‘health’.

Technicians can also conduct other activities such as queries, transferring files and patch updates at the press of a button. Store managers also have a real-time window into store performance issues including interventions.

Other key features of NCR Command Center include multi-factor user authentication, outbound-only connections, audit reporting, version-managed application and a centralized user environment.

Command Center Suite for Retail

The Command Center solution is a key component of the NCR Command Center Suite for Retail. This suite consolidates existing NCR tools and industry-leading service innovation with enhanced remote service management capabilities.

“NCR has experienced success with our NCR Predictive Services offering and we continue to evolve the service model by enhancing our remote capabilities, increasing off-site resolution which leads to increased lane availability,” said Roger Farmer, director of customer services, NCR Retail.

The Command Center Suite for Retail includes a remote management package with NCR Command Center, global help desk services, software distribution, predictive services and security management. The suite also includes a performance monitoring package that scans the back office, network and store front-end for outages and automatically routes calls to the NCR customer care center for remote resolution or automatically dispatching a service provider.

Management features also include a Command Center app for smartphones or tablets allowing staff instant access to the state of an IT enterprise. Additionally NCR@YourService provides a web portal to create, update and monitor NCR service requests and other service related features.