pepe&con srl

Mosaico digitale: the mosaico of third millennium

"La dolce Vita"

The beauty and uniqueness along with versatility and lightness  of resin tiles. an unlimited chromatic yield to manage, apply and maintain.

Mosaic Digitalw has come to life as the mosaic of the third millennium. Mosaico Digitale transforms the walls of your space in WALL DESIGN!

Each wall can have a soul customized in any way. anyone that imagines about a Mosaico Digitale wall will become a digital mosaic WALL DESIGNER!

The company produces 100% customizable mosaics of any dimension, starting from a digital image chosen by the customer and processed by an exclusive software designed by Pepe&Con. In this way it offers the possibility to enhance, modify and create any type of environment.

The experience has learned in this years has been created a network of collaborations with major contracts on the market.
We develop each project with the objective of maximum satisfaction of the customer. Our attention to materials and innovation has been appreciated by partners such as COSTA GROUP and MIGROS.

Mosaico Digitale with CostaGroup’s architect has realized the booths for Eataly Chicago, Rome, Bari, Dubai, Istanbul.
 Mosaico Digitale was chosen by our partners for its lightweight, it weighs about 1.2 kg for sq.m. , this allows an extreme easy of application and absolute versatility, because it complies perfectly on the texture of the wall of destination.

Mosaico Digiatale is unlimited of personalization , integrity and design and for this quality it was chosen by fashion house Versace to carry out a plan for the catwalk of Collection Men S/S 2013.