Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

More time for your core business - less for the disposal!


The AutoLoadBaler is'nt a usual baling press. It is a baling press with automatic filling.

The staff just inserts the filled collection trolley into the AutoLoadBaler and presses the start button. The filling is fully automatic. Your staff has no waiting time - it has time for sales. Due to the time-saving your staff has more time for your core business. The collection trolley fits in the salesroom very well and create order and cleanliness. Your customers like to buy at your store.

Due to the bigger filling volume of the AutoLoadBaler trolley less walking routes to the press are necessary. Since the press can be installed inside, further walking routes to the outside are saved. No time-consuming manual crushing or cutting of cardboard necessary thanks to automatic filling. There is no risk of injury and health failures, your personal is more pleased and available! You are no longer dependent of container changing times by service providers and loose material must not be stored space-intensive. The AutoLoadBaler can also be filled with big boxes from the front side at everytime.

Your staff and the AutoLoadBaler is avaiable everytime. Valuable storage area is no longer wasted. Due to the high compaction of material, the trucks can be loaded optimally. Transportation costs are reduced or even saved. The bales are sold profitably. The higher the bale density, the higher the sales revenues.

See the AutoLoadBaler in action at the EuroShop 2014, Strautmann Umwelttechnik hall 15 booth D19.