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Teradata Relationship Manager Delivered to FE VELCOM for Automated Marketing Campaigns

Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC), the world's leader in data warehousing and integrated marketing management, has announced that FE VELCOM, the Belarus mobile telecommunications operator with 4.415 million subscribers, has selected Teradata Relationship Manager (TRM) to create individualized marketing offers to prospects and customers by utilizing data integrated from multiple VELCOM sources. (TRM is now called Aprimo Relationship Manager.) TRM will improve and automate VELCOM’s marketing campaigns, immediately providing the capabilities that can lead to a significant rise in customer profitability. By automating marketing campaigns, VELCOM will be able to increase the frequency of campaigns, use different communications channels and target additional customer segments.

By using the predefined Teradata Communications Logical Data Model (LDM) for TRM, customized to meet VELCOM’s specific needs, the system is ready for use after only three months from the project launch. Using the Communications LDM significantly reduced the time and cost of implementing the campaign management system.

“Implementation at VELCOM was an important project for Teradata as it was the first in the telecommunication industry that was based on TRM Package concept. It proved that using the TRM predefined, best-practice solution and customizing it to the customer’s needs results in realization of business value in a very short time span. The solution enabled VELCOM to realize complete customer relationship management through fully integrated communication channels,” said Hermann Wimmer, president of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region for Teradata Corporation.

TRM will enable VELCOM to broaden its campaign activity without expanding its staff resources. TRM can automatically generate new contacts from information loaded into the application, segment those new contacts to receive the most appropriate offer, and deliver each offer through the most appropriate channel. In addition to the high level of automation and integration with channels such as Short Message Service (SMS) or Call Centre, TRM also offers an easy point-and-click user interface which allows regular business users with no database or SQL skills to effectively choose customer selection criteria and provide campaign characteristics.

“Teradata enables an unlimited enlargement of the attributes set, we can actively use many hundreds of attributes containing detailed information about single handset usage (e.g. calls, SMS). With the TRM implementation, VELCOM has realized optimized internal business processes and automated customer supporting services,” said Robert Dashian, deputy chief marketing officer of FE VELCOM.