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EuroShop 2014 Media Information

A British company built upon international infrastructure, Microlights (ML) is proud to celebrate 30 years of UK lighting design and manufacture at Euroshop 2014.

As Retail Lighting Specialists focused on ‘Lighting to Sell’, Microlights first drew inspiration by miniaturising stage lighting into store environments, telling a brand’s story through light and providing retail customers with a vibrant, entertaining shopping experience.

Today as part of the Aurora Group, Microlights has significantly expanded its product range to service the full hospitality sector. Three decades since its creation, Microlights’ personalised lighting schemes enhance retail environments the world over; in shopping malls, front and back of house, in hotels and other hospitality, leisure and commercial applications.

Not only does Microlights understand lighting, it understands how correct lighting for hospitality and retail increases the bottom line. In more than 70 countries, it has successfully channelled its knowledge and experience into lighting schemes for global brands including Harvey Nichols, World of Duty Free, Timberland, Next and Tesco.


The latest innovation from Microlights, Ventix is the new LED module with all the great features of MOVI in a smaller luminaire. (For MOVI, see below). It combines groundbreaking optical design and optimised passive cooling to create a compact fitting with a powerful output.

Ventix is the first ML product to feature a TIR lens (total internal reflection lens). This optical technology bounces light off externally, which stops you being ‘blinded’ when looking at the lighting fitting.

Including ML “Retail Hot Spot” reflectors, Ventix is also easy on the eye in-situ. It looks aesthetically appealing and can match up colour and style with a complete range of products. A combination of this optical system and CFD thermal simulation software means the size of the head can be much smaller and it can be installed into track- and recess-mounted 1, 2 and 3 Way fittings.

Showcasing its versatility, Ventix also features a gear-housing box that comes in a variety of shapes. It is available in 1000, 2000 or 3000 luminaire lumen packages with interchangeable lenses. The optical system simply locks in and out – with no tools required!

Key Features:

  • L70 at a 50,000-hour lifetime with a 5 year warranty

  • High quality of light: CRI (RA) 80+ means in-store colours appear true

  • Range of interchangeable TIR lenses 20deg, 30deg, 45deg & 80deg

  • Citizen high-power COB LED or Philips CrispWhiteTM technology

  • Passive cooling optimised using CFD thermal simulation software


Microlights’ flagship MOVI range of LED retail lighting products draws attention to every detail in retail space with effective accent lighting. What’s more, it saves on energy and maintenance costs with LED luminaires that support sustainability and last longer than other lamps. Highly adjustable, with ML signature “Hot Spot” reflectors and optics, MOVI matches and even exceeds traditional technologies.

Key Features:

  • High quality of light: CRI (RA) 80+ means in-store colours appear true

  • Long-life lumen maintenance: L90 at a 50,000-hour lifetime

  • 5 year warranty

  • Highly efficient: COB LED module & reflector optical efficiency up to 97%

  • Less heat, better managed, thanks to an active cooling system

  • Interchangeable reflectors


With distinctive “tube” styling, the TUBI range includes compact LED and ceramic metal halide semi-recessed and surface/track-mounted products. Featuring the unique Microlights “Retail Hot Spot” reflector system, this range offers a variety of lumen packages and colour temperatures.

Key Features:

  • High quality of light: CRI (RA) 80+ means in-store colours appear true

  • High performance: extremely efficient, more than 80 luminaire lumens per TCW (LED)

  • Sustainable: low-maintenance product, L70 at 50,000 hours (LED)

  • Latest technology: integrated high-power Citizen chip-on-board (COB) module available

  • Optimised for retail: interchangeable reflectors (no tools required), with medium and narrow optics featuring “Retail Hot Spot” for effective accent lighting

  • Recessed and track-mounted available


Adjustability, elegance and practicality have never been easier. To enhance your brand as a promise of quality and value, give it the spotlight it deserves with the Easi range, which personifies the ML knowledge of retail lighting. Utilising miniaturised light sources in a choice of head sizes and body shapes, interchangeable “Hot Spot” reflectors and full adjustment, Easi makes retail lighting … well, easy!

Key Features:

  • High-performance CDM-Tm or CDM-TC lamps deliver a desirable “retail sparkle”

  • Fully adjustable to allow precise focusing

  • Modern, sleek design: miniature elegant spotlight 

Philips CrispWhite™

Visit the Microlights stand and be the first to see the difference by comparing Philips Fortimo SLM CrispWhite™ technology against competitive light sources. The one light source that will make intense whites and rich colours truly stand out, it’s the LED alternative that’s set to open new doors in fashion retail, incorporating the patented Optimised Light Spectrum created by Philips Research.

CrispWhite™ is a 2-in-1 solution. Imagine 4000K as ideal for white and 3000K as ideal for colour. The Philips Fortimo SLN in Crisp White offers the best of both worlds.

CrispWhite™ technology is a unique lighting solution, brought to you in one LED light source. Microlights is proud to become the first OEM to have access to this groundbreaking LED chip, on display at EuroShop as part of the ‘YourShop Lighting Giveaway’ competition.

Mini Ghost from the SCE Edition & Collection of Decorative Lighting

Also new from Microlights comes the SCE Edition & Collection of decorative lighting, which has been meticulously handcrafted from glass, metal and wood to offer distinctive finishing touches from a single source supplier.

The product options cover most decorative requirements, are made in a custom-built factory in Toulouse, Southern France, and are available as IP20 and IP65 for outdoor, suspended and floor or wall-mounted lighting.

Mini Ghost is an LED glass pendant delivering ambient lighting. The shade is available in four colours – Orange, Red, Yellow and White.

Key Features:

  • 1300lm 12 TCW 3000K

  • Lumen maintenance L70 at 30,000 hours

  • CRI 80

Notes to Editors

The Microlights Experience – how we work

Focused on lighting to sell, Microlights was founded on the concept of miniaturising stage lighting for retail environments, introducing dramatic lighting to tell a brand’s story through light and providing shoppers a vibrant, entertaining retail experience.

Over 30 years of personalised lighting solutions, we’ve evolved with the times, introducing new LED flagship products such as the MOVI range specifically for retail productions.

The core of the Microlights’ values and retail lighting process, however, remains the same.


  • Short lead times – usually fewer than two weeks

  • Energy-efficient products that are built to last

  • Experienced team with a proven track record of successfully designing and producing lighting schemes for a variety of clients

  • Multifunctional teams work together to support individual customers, ensuring needs are met and exceeded 

Client relationships are at the core of the Microlights philosophy. The Microlights team works in unison to understand the brand message clients want to communicate before delivering their personalised lighting solutions, designed to highlight the unique selling points of the clients’ products or services.

With localised, international teams meeting the needs and requirements of their customers regardless of the location, a project management partnership achieves the successful delivery of international rollout programmes.

Services include interpreting the brief and designing a lighting scheme, followed by provisioning CAD plans, technical product information, on-time delivery, focusing and aftercare.

Microlights now provides end-to-end lighting solutions, from front to back of house, including warehousing and external lighting options. Committed to always delivering the best low-energy lighting solutions, Microlights also serves hospitality, leisure and commercial applications.

We are still passionate about providing the best possible lighting solutions to our customers.

Corporate statement

Since 2009 Microlights has been part of the vertically integrated, global manufacturer Aurora Group – one of the fastest-growing and most innovative lighting organisations – which provides access to a portfolio of more than 1,200 LED lighting products that are backed by Aurora’s lighting design, marketing, digital training materials and after sales.

In addition to Microlights’ manufacturing and sales operation in the UK, it has offices in Dubai, France, Spain and Lebanon, as well as an expanding network of distributors and an international team for all other overseas projects.

Contact: Microlights International T: +44 (0) 1793 467201. www.microlights.com


Media contact: Julia Smith, Aura Public Relations +44 (0) 1636 611 774 or +44 (0) 7768 708213 julia@aurapr.co.uk