Koppermann Computersysteme GmbH

Marc O’Polo and Koppermann launch an IT trainee program


Marc O’Polo is continuing its successful cooperation with Koppermann by launching a new trainee program aimed at providing new IT talents with basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the use of information technology in the fashion industry.

The premium modern casual brand first set the course for the new trainee program one year ago. Both Marc O’Polo and Koppermann recognized the high importance of nurturing skilled labor on their own premises; this also gives the companies the ability to pass on the highly specialized know-how of IT capable of handling the distinctive processes of the fashion industry and therefore of leveraging on their competitive advantage; a commitment which will certainly bear fruit in the long run.

In the course of the 18-month long program, participants will gain insights into the processes of the ERP provider INTEX as well as of Koppermann itself over a three-month period to gain a 360° overview of the fundamental IT-related processes of product development and sourcing. At Koppermann, the focus will be on the transfer of the basic administration knowledge of the software solution TEX-DEFINE. Further core elements of the trainee program are project management as well as the provision of in-depth knowledge related to integrated solutions in garment development, allowing for a seamless, cross-organizational transfer of data. The new joint trainee program offered by Marc O’Polo and Koppermann will therefore give young talents the knowledge and skills needed to successfully start a career in fashion IT.