Mettler-Toledo GmbH

METTLER TOLEDO powers up service counters and self-service weighing with high-performance hardware and flexible software solutions

At EuroShop 2014 METTLER TOLEDO will be presenting flexible process models for self-service areas and fresh counters, including camera-assisted self-service weighing using SmartVision.

Gießen, 16 January 2014 – At EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany (16 to 20 February, Hall 6, Stand E75), METTLER TOLEDO will present retail concepts for improving the in-store shopping experience at fresh service counters and in self-service weighing areas. The company’s trade fair highlights will include live demonstrations of self-service and counter scales from the UC Evo Line, featuring a new dual-core hardware platform for greater speed and computing power. Select METTLER TOLEDO partners will also be at the stand displaying third-party applications for flexible and customized retail processes.

More power for high-performance POS applications: at EuroShop 2014 METTLER TOLEDO will present its UC Evo Line family of touchscreen scales with updated hardware. Grocery retailers can benefit from up to 150 percent more processing power. This performance boost noticeably speeds up service at the fresh counter and opens up an entire range of new opportunities directly on the scale. Additional applications for content management, product ordering or inventory management can run flawlessly and in parallel.

Furthermore, the upgraded hardware represents up to a fourfold improvement to the scale’s graphic capabilities, including impressive HD functionality for video. The result: retail marketing strategists have the utmost freedom to bring their digital signage concepts to life on the customer screens of both self-service and counter scales, in optimum quality and without compromise. The hardware update is available for all models of scale in the UC Evo Max Line.

Fresh produce: putting the enjoyment back into shopping

In self-service weighing, METTLER TOLEDO focuses on intuitive operating concepts to offer consumers an even better in-store experience. At EuroShop, METTLER TOLEDO will demonstrate flexible self-service process models that enable retailers to keep their operations running smoothly in the fresh produce departments – while maintaining a high rate of customer throughput and relieving pressure in the checkout zone.

Straightforward and intuitive: with the SmartSearch process model, grocery stores enable shoppers to choose the right item by means of an interactive, visual search on the touchscreen of the self-service scale. Immediately recognizable pictograms facilitate rapid product selection. Perfect for extensive product ranges: at EuroShop METTLER TOLEDO will be presenting SmartSearch on a self-service scale with an extra-large 17-inch touchscreen.

Pre-selection by camera: the SmartVision process model brings camera assistance to the self-service department. Shoppers simply place the item on the scales, confirm the on-screen product suggestion, all done! Hence, SmartVision allows food retailers to offer their customers a particularly intuitive self-service experience.

Scanner-based item recognition using SmartScan is a self-service process model that is especially well established in the USA. Each item is already labelled with a barcode, which the scale uses to automatically detect the PLU and calculate the price. This model further reduces input errors and shrinkage.

Fresh counter: the beating heart of the store

At EuroShop, METTLER TOLEDO will be presenting concepts for the fresh service counter which further expand on the role of modern PC-based counter scales as the portal to ERP and product management. The improved hardware platform plays a significant part in this. At counters provided by the company Aichinger GmbH, METTLER TOLEDO will be demonstrating its ‘red dot design award’-winning UC-HTT-M touchscreen counter scale in live, flexible operation with its own and third-party solutions alike.

Thanks to METTLER TOLEDO’s digital signage and content management solution called Fresh Look Promoter, the PC-based scale is transformed into an interactive sales assistant. Fresh Look Promoter makes it easy for food retailers to run extremely varied visual merchandising campaigns, both on the customer displays of the scales and on other digital signage installations. The solution supports cross-selling campaigns and even allows QR codes to be presented on the customer displays so that shoppers can scan them for further information. METTLER TOLEDO’s Fresh Gate application acts as the central data hub for the exchange of item data and transaction data between the individual systems. At EuroShop, METTLER TOLEDO will be demonstrating how Fresh Gate simplifies data management and system integration.

Customised third-party solutions

In the partner zone, selected exhibitors will be joining METTLER TOLEDO on its stand to present further software solutions related to fresh food:

The company ADC Applied Data Corporation will present its suite of Fresh Item Management software called InterStore. InterStore manages the stages of a fresh item throughout its lifecycle from ingredients ordering to POS transaction, enabling enhanced analytics.

The omni-channel consultants from CAS AG will use a solution for permanent inventory to show how individual web applications can be connected directly to the scale software via the browser. This seamless integration of the scale software into the ERP processes enables retailers to improve their fresh product management and process monitoring.

The company Grassfish GmbH will be displaying digital signage installations for in-store communications, interactive systems in support of product presentations and advice – both on large screens and on tablets – and electronic price labels.

MUUME AG will be revealing the first mobile payment system to communicate with a METTLER TOLEDO scale. As a full service mobile payment provider, MUUME makes it possible to achieve a more efficient sales process and better targeted POS marketing by combining its technology with self-service and self-checkout concepts, among others.

Toperczer GmbH, METTLER TOLEDO’s sales partner in Austria, will be collaborating with ETRON-Software to present a total solution for weighing and checkout with an ERP system installed on the scale itself.