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MAJA flake ice machines for the food trade: COLD - CLEAN - GREEN

MAJA_flake ice maker

For over 50 years, the German engineering company MAJA has been involved in the development, production and worldwide distribution of flake ice machines.

From this experience ascend constantly new and innovative concepts. These concepts allow for cost-effective fresh food refrigeration that is ecologically sound and meets the hygiene requirements for the food industry.


Wherever fresh fish is cooled down, displayed and sold in an appetizing manner, MAJA flake ice is the first choice. Leading supermarket chains and retailers across the globe rely for a good reason, on MAJA flake ice technology when it comes to the display and retail of fresh fish. A good example is the French market, which is known for its extensive offer of fresh fish that is displayed in an attractive manner on a bed of flake ice.

MAJA Flake Ice Machines are manufactured in Germany, the machines impress due to the reliable technology and robustness. Especially with perishable foods, such as fresh fish, flake ice machines must have a high reliability in order for consistent cooling to be always ensured.


Because flake ice is extensively used in the food sector, hygiene is a top priority. Furthermore all MAJA Flake Ice Machines range from a daily output of 85 kg to 12,000 kg, equipped with the MAJA - label "HY -GEN protected" . The label "HY -GEN protected" stands for the clean production of the ice in combination with practical hygiene options, enabling the production of flake ice under particularly hygienic conditions. Therefore it goes without saying that the core of the flake ice machine that is constantly filled with water from an evaporating pan, can be taken out with a few simple steps for cleaning purposes.

Particularly in a supermarket, where sometimes larger machines are regularly placed on a false ceiling above the flake ice counter or on a storage silo, the cleaning by hand is very time-consuming. Therefore MAJA is one of the few suppliers on the market that offers a patented self-cleaning system: MAJA -SCS cleans and decalcifies the flake ice machine in the desired intervals and automatically counteracts the slightest possibility of microbial impurity.


The topic of replacing environmentally damaging refrigerants with ecologically sound alternatives is more than ever before, a big concern for the refrigeration industry. Moreover the flake ice machine producers have a responsibility to provide its customers with environmentally friendly complex concepts. Since 2008 offers MAJA with the flake ice machine RVH CO2 D a complete series with seven models (ranging from a daily output from 500 kg to 3800 kg) equipped with direct operation establishing a subcritical CO2 level.

In addition, the RVH- standard models with a daily output from 400 kg to 12000 kg can be operated not only with the conventional R404A, but they are also offered with environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R507 , R407A , R407F, and others.


MAJA is not only flexible to the cooling agent, but is also flexible to customer preferences. For two years MAJA offers the established matt white, flake ice at a temperature around -7°C fit for use in food counters: The new MAJA nugget ice has a temperature of about -0.5 ° C and can be described as shiny, granular ice nuggets. On MAJA nugget ice, fresh food can be cooled meanwhile being also visually appealing. Nugget ice is also suitable for beverage and vegetable cooling. It can also be used in various ways in the retail sector as well as in the bistro and catering area.

MAJA stand at EuroShop is in Hall 15, D61, come by to find more about the use of MAJA flake ice in supermarket refrigeration.