Ansorg GmbH

Love of the Product United with the Mastery of Lighting

The good feeling during shopping is the core of the corporate philosophy at Edeka. Closeness, familiarity and care down to the smallest detail – attributes which the food retailer stands for and which Ansorg was able to apply in an optimum way in cooperation with the store designer JosDeVries with a sophisticated lighting conception for fitting out the new supermarket.

Inviting and friendly with a clear accentuation of the goods, at the same time, of course, as energy-efficient as possible, was how Edeka Fanderl wanted the lighting to be in the new salesrooms. Instead of expressionless whole-area lighting, a cosy atmosphere was to be created in which customers feel welcome, but can nevertheless quickly find their way about. At the same time, in an optimum manner the lighting supports the shop design elaborated by JosDeVries. For example, Ansorg illuminated the functional areas such as aisle, cash desk and entrance areas in a deliberately sober but nevertheless goodsorientated way.

In the fresh food area, dynamic accent lighting provides a lively supermarket atmosphere and places value clearly at the forefront. In that way a harmonious overall impression is created by an interplay of appetising product presentation and pleasant, unobtrusive light in the aisle areas and the transitional areas.

This promises enjoyment already during shopping and invites you to linger and to look at the goods. Large parts of the space are supplied with 50W and 70W luminaires which produce a cosy lighting atmosphere. A deliberate side-effect is the energy-efficient and cost-efficient design of the overall concept consisting of conventional HIT and LED equipment with a total consumption of only 14W/m².

The basis of this convincing stage setting is a mixture of differentiated planning and a well coordinated technology concept that allows for different demands made on the various supermarket areas.

The strip lighting system Cordline which, with its double asymmetrical reflectors distributes the light on both shelf sides and allows the aisle itself to fade into the background, forms the basis in the aisle areas. The freezers are decoratively provided with light by the suspended luminaires of the Maxx series with wide-beam reflectors. By the deliberate use of a colder light colour temperature the stage is, moreover, set in a particularly fresh way for the frozen products. The product brands are at the same time easily recognisable due to the high-contrast light, so that the customer is able not only to find his/her way quickly, but also enjoys supreme visual comfort.

Particular attention is given to the illumination of the fresh products which are considered Edeka’s major strength and are at the heart of the store concept. Fruit and vegetables, cheese and bread and pastries are in each case accentuated with the Bit spotlight; appropriate mood filters here produce the desired lighting mood matching the product: then crusty buns, crisp fresh salads and aromatic cheeses are presented alluringly.

In the sensitive sausage and meat area, the designers from Ansorg decided in favour of LED luminaires which due to the low heat development are particularly gentle on the products and by the use of, among other things, the special LED module for meat ensure appealing presentation of the products.

By means of the linking of various intelligent lighting solutions Ansorg achieved a result that meets every functional and aesthetic requirement within the Edeka supermarket and positively supports the brand philosophy with the help of lighting design.