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LitexFrame for Retail Store Design

LitexFrame Fabric Light Box for Retail Store Design

LitexFrame is a range of stylish and sleek fabric light boxes made from aluminum extrusions that maximize the impact of your image and message content. Fabric silicone edged graphics can be changed in moments, making it the best solution for interior environments of all kinds.

Our radiant LitexFrames produce the highest light intensity using the least amount of energy, dispersing pure white light evenly throughout your image. We produce brilliant fabric light boxes for the world’s biggest brands. They rely on us with confidence thanks to our masterly print imagery and back lighting. In retail store design, colour is key. Brands require precise colour matching to evoke atmospheric, mood setting, and emotion connections with shoppers. Our image DNA color profiling techniques guarantee your graphics shine in the best light possible. Power your message with LitexFrame.