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Listone Giordano Heritage, one hundred year of wood culture

Listone Giordano is synonymous worldwide with excellence in premium hardwood flooring.
This reputation has been built over many years and is strengthened daily by the dedication and enthusiasm of all the people who work to create this product. They are driven by a single goal: perfection.
An incomparable product, made for those who love quality living and look for excellence in their own home.
The tradition that links Listone Giordano to the culture of wood is established in the forests of Burgundy, in France, where the best raw materials have been selected for many years. The forestry management in this area embraces an integrated cycle of more than 180 years:  every tree is registered, numbered and monitored in order to guarantee a gradual increase in the woodland heritage.
Listone Giordano long ago began moving in the direction of the responsible use of natural resources, checking the origins of the raw materials and ensuring traceability throughout the entire production process. This approach continues today, with a renewed committee on an international level, applying these principles also to tropical woods in order to guarantee eco-sustainable products
It was 1983 when Prof. Guglielmo Giordano ingeniously conceived a hardwood flooring of groundbreaking characteristics that improved the limits of traditional hardwood flooring and inaugurated a new era. Stability, precision, reliability, beauty, long-life and respect for the environment are still the keywords to this huge success. The technological heart of Listone Giordano lies in the special multilayer birch support, which, together with the transversal incisions and micrometric joints make the hardwood floor stable over time and keep it from ever warping.
A unique product characterized by values ranging from the selecting of the finest raw materials directly in the forest to the special sawing techniques, the marine adhesives, the ecological finish treatments, the precision machining, the sophisticated selection criteria, and the most advanced frontiers of the new shapes and surfaces of contemporary design.
Wood is an essential material for its ability to absorb and retain carbon dioxide, plus few emissions are released from the energy used during the manufacturing process.
The chain of stewardship certification, together with sustainable forestry management, make the planet’s forests grow and amplify the beneficial effects of wood on the environment. Every tree is cut at the peak of its life cycle and is replaced by a sapling which, while growing, will absorb more carbon dioxide than its older predecessor.
Listone Giordano hardwood floors help the environment even after they are installed in the home, improving thermal efficiency, balancing environmental humidity, inhibiting the accumulation of static electricity and create natural conditions for healthy living thanks to the use of entirely nontoxic adhesives and varnishes.
Listone Giordano is the keeper of antique methods and knowledge. But it is also driven by an indomitable spirit of innovation which has been evident ever since it first went on the market.
It has combined the innate talent of nature with the ingeniousness of man; it has clothed some of the most beautiful houses in the world with the distinctive look of wood, and at the same time it has played a lead role in ambitious projects springing from the minds of internationally famous designers and engineers.
Listone Giordano creates products in which the elegance and value of wood go hand in hand with avant-garde techniques and the latest technologies. Projects which have established Listone Giordano as a leading brand in interior design – a brand with a contemporary style, thanks to the fusion of the company’s wealth of technical knowledge with aesthetics that have won worldwide acclaim in the world of Italian design.
The distinctive feature of Medoc, designed by Michele De Lucchi, is the original trapezoidal shape that recalls the tapered shape of a tree trunk, like that of the old planks “when the boards weren’t squared so as not to waste wood needlessly.”
The unique treatment with the traditional sawn surface creates a fascinating play of light and unexpected ancestral sensations.
Foxtrot by Matteo Nunziati
A grid of intertwined lines creates a wooden texture which moves away from the traditional shapes of wood flooring and acquires a new elegance. What does modernity mean in wood flooring?
The same as for a work of art. Or an American jazz dance.
Vibrazioni by Marco Tortoioli Ricci
Thanks to the unusual 3° cut at both ends of the boards and the random installation of the three color tones, the flooring designed by Marco Tortoioli Ricci allow you to create geometric patterns with a high visual impact that kindle unexpected emotions.
Vibrations express dynamism, speed and great suggestive force created by the contrast between the chromatic chiaroscuro and the naturalness of wood.
Slide by Daniele Lago
A rectangle turns into a diamond according to the magic formula of transcendental numbers. Then it rotates, slides and transforms into endless shapes, never replicating themselves. Who said that geometry and mathematics can’t be fantastically fun?