Elektra Gesellschaft für elektro- technische Geräte mbH

Light and White

The times of yellowish LED-Modules are past – white is the colour of the day!

Despite proven acceptance of the yellowish modules the market still requested white surfaces of luminaires in off modus. ELEKTRA met this challenge and is now able to present our luminaires in "White" by consistently promoting the further development of the COB technology.

After this technological leap forward, the yellowish surfaces could be replaced, now offering a neutral look of cupboards, shelves and ceilings when the lights are turned off. The luminaires stand back with their subdued design, but underline the forms and lines of the furniture themselves.

The new technology offers the same light parameters and fulfills all standards of the previous products. The lights with the new LED modules shown on the EuroShop will be serial available from October 2014.