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Life-Cycle-Management for Chain Stores

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DAIKIN presents Made-to-measure, Sustainable Cooling and Air Conditioning Solutions for Decreased Life-Cycle Costs

DAIKIN, global market leader in the field of heat pump and air conditioning systems, will present the company’s technologies for the food trade and retail sectors on EuroShop 2014: made-to-measure solutions for any type of chain shop, be it boutiques, petrol station shops or supermarkets. In this business field DAIKIN not only supplies modern, efficient cooling, air conditioning and heating systems, but also offers comprehensive maintenance and project planning services. DAIKIN thus supports their customers all along the way, in order to guarantee energy efficient operation throughout the systems‘ lifecycles. A specialized “Technical Field Support Team” for chain store owners has been established in Germany to guarantee this service. Thus they can profit from sustainable, single-source solutions and decreased life-cycle costs.

With this holistic approach in mind the DAIKIN experts have developed made-to-measure customer solutions, on the basis of tried-and-tested series technologies. These concepts can be applied on all of the customer’s chain stores and focus on energy and cost efficiency as well as increased room comfort. “We target at cooling, heating and ventilating buildings even more energy efficiently, more carbon neutrally and more environmentally friendly in the future, concentrating on business fields with an extremely high saving potential, like the retail business”, says Gunther Gamst, General Manager of DAIKIN Airconditioning Germany GmbH.

Non-Food Trade: Comprehensive Single-Source Solutions for Heating and Air Conditioning
DAIKIN’s VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) technology is a single-system solution for energy efficient heating and air conditioning in chain stores. The system has already been installed in numerous non-food-shops. It features a highly efficient heat pump that provides continuous heating and optimum room comfort through the latest heat storage technology. The system is fuelled by renewable energy sources which lowers operating costs, saves up to 60 per cent of energy costs and produces 30 to 40 per cent less CO2. Moreover, the system uses any thermal discharge, that is a natural by-product of the air conditioning process, for heating purposes elsewhere in the shop. Additionally the system is open enough to allow the integration of additional components like air curtains and ventilation systems. By implementing DAIKIN’s VRV technology chain shop owners get along without a conventional heating system. This decreases CO2 emissions by approximately one third annually and saves energy costs, compared to chain store networks where every individual shop has to project and operate an individual heating system. At the same time, expensive installation costs like for a gas connection become a thing of the past.

Thermal Discharge Heating: Food Trade Energy Costs Decreased by up to 40 Per Cent
One of DAIKIN’s food trade solution is the Conveni-Pack, the world’s first series compact system combining heating, air conditioning and ventilation with cooling and deep freezing. By installing the Conveni-Pack supermarkets no longer need a separate heating system. By way of heat recovery in winter any thermal discharge that accumulates in cooling and deep freezing can be reused without loss for heating the shop. Thus each chain store uses about 40 per cent less energy. Compared to conventional systems the Conveni-Pack is far more compact and uses up less space. So far, more than 250 Conveni-Packs have been installed in German food trade retail shops.

Efficient Foodstuff Cooling and Deep Freezing
ZEAS is DAIKIN’s integrated solution for industrial cooling and deep freezing. ZEAS allows the operation of different cooling and deep freezing zones via one single outdoor unit. The temperatures of the different cooling and deep freezing zones can be controlled individually within a broad range of -45 and +10 °C. Whereas conventional integrated solutions always need to be compiled in a complex process combining hardware, condenser and further system components, the ZEAS is ready for plug-in on delivery, which makes installation quick and easy. By means of a booster the ZEAS can be run in cooling and deep freezing mode simultaneously. This renders the system ideal for any facility that requires a high operation safety in foodstuff cooling and deep freezing, like bakeries, butcheries and large kitchens.

Visit DAIKIN on EuroShop 2014, from 16 to 20 February 2014,
Messe Düsseldorf, Germany, hall 15, stand A 22.

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