Mettler-Toledo GmbH

Large-scale user comfort UC-GLT-M self-service scale with 17-inch touchscreen

With its 17-inch display, the UC-GLT-M, the newest self-service scale in METTLER TOLEDO’s UC Evo Line range of touchscreen scales, offers grocery retailers even more visual merchandising flexibility. Meanwhile, its high-resolution touchscreen improves shoppers’ comfort and convenience.

To set themselves apart by creating a unique shopping experience, grocery retailers are increasingly offering greater diversity within their fresh produce department. The UC-GLT-M, a high-end self-service scale from the METTLER TOLEDO UC Evo Line, helps customers to maintain an overview of their self-service fresh produce departments despite the wide variety of products. With energy-saving LED backlight technology and a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels (HD), the 17-inch display offers brilliant, contrast-rich visuals, good legibility and excellent image quality. The UC-GLT-M provides grocery retailers with every opportunity to adapt innovative fresh-food service concepts to their specific situation. The large display allows an entire product range to be presented at the same time, for example. Alternatively, retailers can configure their POS with older shoppers in mind by including large pictograms, while grouping products together by category simplifies navigation. For high-volume shoppers in a rush, the system can also accept item-code entry – yet another example of how retailers can take their customers’ individual preferences into consideration. METTLER TOLEDO offers retailers a range of different tools enabling them to easily tailor the user terminal to their specific needs.

Weighing and promoting in parallel
The 17-inch display on the UC-GLT-M presents ample space to run eye-catching visual promotions without detracting from user functionality, and the split-screen design enables advertising and weighing to occur at the same time. While the top half of the screen displays weighing information, the bottom half functions as a digital signage medium. This combination now enables cross-selling campaigns to be extended to include the self-service scale too. If a shopper weighs around 500g of tomatoes, for example, a product-related message can appear highlighting that mozzarella is on special offer – a method with proven success in generating extra turnover.

The UC-GLT-M also makes an effective contribution to boosting sales beyond the customer service transaction itself: “Even the standby mode can be profitable,” says Lena Wolf, Product Manager Retail at METTLER TOLEDO. “Promotional images or videos can be presented on the entire touchscreen while it is standby, with the device returning to weighing mode as soon as a customer touches it.” Furthermore, the touchscreen’s superior quality means that print advertisements require minimal adaptation.

Recipe tips from the scales
In addition to its generously sized touchscreen, the UC-GLT-M also has ample space on its hard drive for storing multimedia content. A high-performance processor ensures that the split-screen applications work seamlessly in parallel. Hence, the device has everything needed to operate as a self-service information terminal too: in addition to promoting special offers, the screen can display product information and recipe tips. And if a particular recipe should spark a shopper’s interest, an optional double printer allows it to be printed out on the spot.

The UC-GLT-M is available from 3 July 2012 in a choice of black or silver casing.