La Rosa S.p.A.

La Rosa S.p.A at Euroshop 2011

La Rosa S.p.A. has been on the market for almost a hundred years. Sales and industrial strategies were constantly implemented and refined, giving the company a stronger and stronger position.
A clear pioneering spirit has driven to an unprecedented industrial organization which makes La Rosa one of the world leading manufacturer and supplier of top-level mannequins.
Research and innovation are behind each phase of the production process, each infrastructure and each material. Perfect “made in Italy” products are obtained by using exclusively recycled and recyclable materials, in full compliance with EU Regulations and in utmost respect of the environment. Two fully automated, ecological plants on the outskirts of Milan guarantee the safeguard of the personnel’s health, as well as of the environment.
La Rosa mannequins are clearly distinguishable in the shop windows of the most important fashion designer boutiques and retail chains all over the world. Style and highly refined manufacturing are the company’s undisputable landmarks.
For Euroshop 2011, the world most prestigious visual merchandising exhibition, some new collections were created to offer a wide and diversified range of positions that reflect contemporary trends and lifestyles. This, without ever neglecting the “artistic appeal” that has been making La Rosa so unique since 1922.
A few novelties on display:
1. Female ‘Marylin’ collection, 7 positions with remarkable stage presence;
2. Male ‘Riccardo’ collection, 6 positions both in “realistic” and “moulded-head” version ;
3. ‘The Ballerina’ male and female collection, skillfully crafted for a strong visual impact;
4. An important contribution of fashion, styling and make-up artists;
5. ‘La Rosa Ambience + Interior’ project
Creativity is conceived as added value of manufacturing flexibility. These two elements are essential to meet the customers’ needs, especially when it comes to customized projects. For this reason starting with Euroshop 2011, the company intends to offer a 360° service. The new shop fitting Division ‘La Rosa Ambience + Interior’ was created with this aim.

Custume designer: Luigi Beretta /Atelier Beretta
Make-up artist: Silvia Dell’Orto

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