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Kick-off workshop for the new Insta training programme

Source: Insta

»ArchiLEDays« was received very well

»Use light to make fearful rooms safer and more attractive«. This was the first subject on which 20 architects and light planners from North-Rhine Westphalia met end of May at Insta Elektro GmbH.

Moderated by Ernst Wauer (graduate in public management and lord high commissioner), owner of the office »Sicherheit-ist-planbar!« (safety can be planned) in Essen, the participants worked out essential theoretical knowledge on the use of light in safety-oriented planning. In practical exercises on outdoor places and public areas near residential buildings the participants could test and apply their knowledge gained.

The seminar was approved by the architectural association of North-Rhine Westphalia (AKNW) with 5 lessons as training for members of AKNW.

After the seminar, the participants had the chance to visit the electronics fabrication and the showroom to have a look at form, function and application of the Insta products, to exchange ideas or to discuss subjects all around light and lighting.

At the end of the evening, the participants highly praised Insta for the good organisation of the workshop.They look forward to further practical seminars of the »ArchiLEDays« programme. The next workshop is planned for October 2011, Insta will inform you in good time.