PrehKeyTec GmbH

KT 4000 – Professional Document Reader / ML 4 Stand-Alone Module Biometric/Hybrid Reading Device

PrehKeyTec GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality data input systems. Products include modular data input devices like free programmable keyboards which are particularly suitable for professional use due to their high level flexibility and extreme reliability as well as scanning devices and biometric/hybrid readers. The products are used in areas like point-of-sale, point-of-service, banking, aviation and industry. The DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certified company has many years of experience in development and manufacture of such devices. 

In hall 6 on booth I 76 PrehKeyTec GmbH presents its latest innovative products PKT 4000 document reader and the ML 4 stand alone module. 

The PKTE 4000 is the ideal solution to read multiple documents quickly and easily. Up to three independent readers provide the user with support for fast and secure data entry. The scanner reads ID and travel documents, captures images and reads 1D or 2D barcodes. The bi-directional MSR processes credit cards (optional IATA FOID COMPLIANCY) and customer or service cards. The optional RFID module reads ePassports according ICAO. The PKT 4000 is the ideal solution in all situations when fast recording of ID documents and credit card documentation is required. Sample applications are airline check-in, car rental, rental or valuable items, hotel, banking and mobile operators.

The ML4 module offers the ability of multi authentication and data input. The range of input modules which are offered are three, two or one combinations of data input and capture. It varies from contact, contactless, biometric and glide pad data capture, in one small highly configurable module. System builders can now reduce foot print, plan for additional capture methods, providing increased and high levels of user authentication and data cap-ture. Ideally suited for multiple environments, from Retail POS, through to Financial institutions, captur-ing data from Users and customers becomes a simple
and fast process, improving both the user experience and the integrity of system data capture. Smart Card readers and Biometric finger print readers both eliminate and reduce costs associated with forgotten passwords and password resets, this greatly reduces fraud from co-worker false log on and helps with regularity compliance, Financial regulations and audit trails, as well as with the “Health Infor-mation Privacy and Protection Act (HIPPA). If deployed with additional enterprise management software, then a truly enterprise wide secure system is achievable, providing additional audit history with who logged on and when audit data.