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KORUS Consulting Brings Intershop eCommerce Solutions to Russia

KORUS Consulting announces that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Intershop, one of the world's leading vendors of eCommerce solutions. Russian retailers can now benefit from using Intershop 7, a robust online B2C and B2B omni-channel commerce solution, which is included in Gartner Group's Magic Qudrant and the Forrester Research Wave.KORUS Consulting's eCommerce practice was launched in mid-2013 to serve demand from the company's clients in the retail sector who were asking for integration of an online sales module.

In Russia eCommerce has seen tremendous growth; a fact supported by the latest research of analytical agencies:

Ecommerce Europe association places Russia fifth among other European countries according to the volume of its eCommerce market. The market is estimated at 10.3 billion euro with 35% growth rate in 2012Morgan Stanley forecasts that eCommerce market in Russia is set to demonstrate a threefold growth in the next three years: 2013 can be a key year in terms of a growth rate which can raise market up to 36 billion US Dollars in 2015 (from 12 billion US Dollars in 2012).

"The Russian market is very keen to get eCommerce technology solutions right now. We have seen dynamic growth in the Russian retail sector in the recent years with growth of 25-30 % in the last two years alone. The strengthening competitive environment brings to light the demand for solutions that enhance customer loyalty and increase sales through the optimization of internal business processes. It was important for us to have a partner in the eCommerce area that has a large number of existing customers as well as product recognition by key trade analysts. All Intershop solutions have the functionality for efficient development of retail business and a large number of leading retail companies in Europe and the USA are already using the Intershop platform. We envisage a high demand for Intershop solutions in Russia», commented Alexander Semenov, CEO, KORUS Consulting.

Intershop 7 is an eCommerce platform for successful online sellers, which supports every conceivable channel to reach each and every customer, partner and supplier. The platform is available for both B2B and B2C online sales.

The system uses a wide range of interfaces to integrate into the existing IT environment of the customer. It can be integrated with CRM, ERP, WMS, SCM, loyalty program management systems, online payments systems, transport management systems, and more. The content of the customer online store can be easily presented in iOS as well as in operating systems for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

Along with extended functionality and availability of reference applications, there is a range of industry-specific solutions – all of which bring immediate results to boost online sales process.

«We are glad to offer the Russian retail market a solution which helps significantly improve KPIs for the key business processes. We were looking for a partner in Russia with deep expertise in retail, a strong team and the ability to deploy complex projects. More than a decade of experience coupled with its competence in retail automation makes KORUS Consulting well placed to implement the Intershop platform and meet the demand of our joint offering in the Russian market», said Jochen Moll, CEO at Intershop.