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KMW presents innovations for the food retail trade at the EuroShop 2014

Sustainable orientation strengthens KMW’s profile

Just in time for EuroShop, KMW Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg GmbH is presenting its latest innovations from the refrigerated and freezer display cabinet sector. The focus of KMW’s D41 Booth in Hall 17 is its ecodesign multideck cabinet, “Albatros proKlima”, which is the first KMW unit to have been produced carbon-neutrally. Additional special innovations at the KMW stand include its further developed KMW cold plug, which increases the variability with which refrigeration units can be placed in supermarkets, and a technology for multideck cabinets which identifies soiling that increases the energy consumption and displays maintenance and cleaning intervals for each individual multideck cabinet.

Doris Döhler, Managing Director of KMW, is looking forward to the start of the trade fair: “With the first carbon-neutral multideck cabinet, our cold plug, the new refrigeration module and the intelligent technology for multideck cabinets, we can present exciting new developments and set new trends in the refrigerated cabinet industry. Supermarket operators are looking to attain sustainability, energy efficiency and flexibility. With our new products we are meeting these demands.”

Supplementing the trade fair product launches, KMW has made the entire company carbon-neutral as part of its sustainable corporate strategy. Doris Döhler: “The responsible use of resources and environmental protection are gaining more and more importance in corporate activities. We accept responsibility for future generations, which is why adopting a carbon-neutral approach is an important step for our company.”

KMW is presenting not just its trade fair product launches at Booth D41 in Hall 17 but also its complete range of refrigerated and freezer display cabinets for all sales forms and operating sizes for the food retail trade. In addition to its multideck, counter, freezer and plug-in cabinets, the company is also showcasing its diverse range of accessories. Whether frameless sliding and folding glass doors, glass lids, night blinds or energy-saving LED lighting, KMW is presenting numerous alternative possibilities for all cabinets.

An enhanced version of KMW’s award-winning “Marktführer“ interactive display, which makes it easier to find specific products in refrigeration units, is also being presented at the trade fair stand.

Details about the latest KMW innovations:

The carbon-neutral refrigeration unit “Albatros proKlima”

In a pilot project, KMW has made the “Albatros proKlima” multideck cabinet carbon-neutral. Experts have determined all emissions that are released and cannot be avoided when producing this unit – ranging from the extraction of the raw materials to the production at KMW – and from them determined the product’s carbon footprint. KMW offsets the determined emissions by investing in a forest conservation project.

Remote refrigeration module with heat recovery

The newly developed module enables KMW multideck cabinets to be cooled not only via central refrigeration systems but also remotely using refrigeration modules installed on the individual refrigeration units. The new modules are compact and require only low refrigerant quantities. The modules use a highly efficient, low-noise hermetic compressor and a water-cooled condenser. They are connected via prepared plug connections for electricity, refrigeration and water. Waste heat can be recovered using the water circuit.

KMW intelligent technology for multideck cabinets

KMW presents a new and smart technology which identifies soiling that increases the energy consumption and displays maintenance and cleaning intervals for each individual multideck cabinet. Cleaning commercial refrigeration and freezer units when required improves their energy efficiency.

KMW cold plug for the flexible use of refrigeration units

The KMW cold plug makes it easy to connect refrigeration units to the refrigeration system’s refrigeration circuit using a detachable connection. A coupling to both the supply and return conduits for the refrigeration circuit ensures that the system functions without the loss of refrigerant.

Plug-in KMW deli counter for variable use in supermarkets

KMW’s plug-in counter for fresh food is the perfect platform for presenting meat and dairy products. The handy size of the unit and the integrated castors enable products in the M1 and M2 temperature ranges to be offered at strategic positions in the supermarket for impulse purchases. The KMW cold plug makes it possible to connect the counter to a refrigeration system. The impulse island is attractively designed with an elegant stainless steel handrail profile and surrounding glazing.

Date for your diary:

KMW’s trade fair appearance is being rounded off with an expert lecture: on Wednesday, 19 February from 4 to 4.30 pm, Alexander Zang will be holding a presentation in the trade fair’s EcoForum in Hall 14 E57 where he will be talking about “Carbon-neutrality of refrigeration units as a component for the carbon reduction strategy in retail”.

About KMW Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg

KMW Kühlmöbelwerk, whose headquarters are in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany, is the only manufacturer to still produce the entire supermarket range of commercial refrigeration and freezer units in Germany. The company, which currently employs 120 members of staff, has many years of experience in the refrigeration and production technology sectors. In 2014 it will be celebrating its 33rd anniversary. KMW places particular importance on resource-saving and environmentally compatible production, and all production processes are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001-2008. KMW’s refrigeration and freezer units are characterised by their innovative design that features the multiple segmentation of patch ends and side panels with frameless glazing. KMW is currently presenting a carbon-neutral product line. As part of its sustainable corporate strategy, KMW has also made its business operations carbon-neutral.

You can find further information at: www.kmw-limburg.com

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