Jansen Display s.r.o.

Jansen Display has a new look and logo

New Logo Jansen Display

Düsseldorf, Germany, February 15th. Jansen Display has launched a new logo and visual communication style at Euroshop 2014 trade fair. Main feature is the display frame on top that strikes you first with this being one of the most recognisable shapes of Jansen Display’s products. The shape of a frame becomes a key visual device for Jansen Display brand recognition and visual style. The frame features easy to recognize details - external radius corners with sharp internal angles – similar in design to some of company flagship products. A clean, modern look is achieved through the use of white as the background with just two main colours - black and blue.

The new claim “see the difference” expresses company ambition to stand out in the marketplace and to be better than competitors

● Jansen Display ambition is to create better products

● Jansen Display ambition is to provide superior customer service

● Jansen Display ambition is to help our customers to achieve success in the marketplace

Company co-founder and shareholder, Sebastian Jansen, states: “We are all excited about this change and re-birth of the new Jansen Display branding, I strongly believe it will bring us new opportunities and future success in the European marketplace.”

The new visual style is featured in the latest edition of a Jansen Display product brochure issued on February 17th, 2014. You can order or download a new catalogue 2014 at www.jansen-display.de