Axis Communications GmbH

Italian retailer Superconti Department Stores takes on the thieves with new network camera technology from Axis Communications.

Tackling the issues head on.
Superconti Department Stores opened its first supermarket in the city of Terni in Italy in 1960 and currently has 38 units operating in shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets across the country. Superconti wanted to implement a high quality video surveillance system to reduce theft and shoplifting, as well as to protect staff and customers.

The Superconti stores located between Umbria and Lazio already had a traditional security system in place, characterized by analog cameras and manned surveillance. However for the two new stores in Terni, the management wanted more.

“Incidents of theft and shoplifting have increased greatly as a result of to the economic crisis and our traditional systems are no longer sufficient. To be able to prevent loss and identify thieves more easily, we require newer technologies which are able to offer tangible results and images that are truly useful for positive identification and evidence” says Massimiliano Conti, Marketing Manager for Superconti Department Stores.

Making it work.
The implementation took place between June and September 2009. Superconti worked alongside Axis’ partner Elettrica 2005, installing 95 Axis network cameras across both stores, using different products depending on the needs of the area being monitored.

AXIS 207 and AXIS 207W network cameras were installed in the sales area. “We didn’t want the cameras to invade the customers’ privacy or disrupt the purchasing process” says Ivano Mazzanti, General Manager of Elettrica 2005.

To safeguard the areas most vulnerable to shoplifting and petty theft, such as perfume, wine, and checkouts, AXIS 209MFD Network Cameras were installed. Their compact design and ability to adjust to a horizontal position makes them ideal for conducting discreet surveillance. Identifying people and objects is made easy by the 1.3 megapixel sensor.

Finally, the AXIS 209FD-R was chosen to monitor and secure the parking areas. The AXIS 209FD-R is a compact network camera suitable for the most hostile environments, with tamper-resistant housing and the ability to withstand high humidity, dust and extreme temperatures.

The Axis network cameras were positioned at strategic points throughout the store to monitor and record continuously. The images are stored for three days before being overwritten. The store manager has the ability to control the cameras in real time, while remote access and downloading of the recorded images is carried out by Elettrica 2005 off site.

A more secure future.

“I’m greatly satisfied with the newly installed Axis video surveillance systems and Superconti has now expressed their intention of integrating IP cameras into other stores. Elettrica chose Axis as a partner mainly for the high level of performance, but also for its excellent price-quality ratio.” says Ivan Mazzanti, General Manager of Elettrica 2005.