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Ipsos Retail Performance and Pivotel partner to serve retailers in Africa

Footfall counting and analytics specialist, Ipsos Retail Performance, has entered into a partnership agreement with South Africa ICT solutions integrator, Pivotel (Pty) Ltd, to extend the reach of Ipsos’ Shopper Count Solution into South Africa and other African countries.

The cornerstone of services that Ipsos Retail Performance provides to retailers in over 43 countries, Shopper Count is a research solution that enables retailers to measure, manage and improve store performance. Shopper Count not only includes the accurate tracking and measurement of footfall, it involves the collection, expert analysis and clear, succinct reporting on the data.

“The retail industry in South Africa and other African territories is developing at a pace, however, there are logistical and geographical challenges that are not as prevalent in the UK and other northern hemisphere countries,” says Peter Luff, President of Ipsos Retail Performance. “As a specialist ICT provider with strong experience of the retail sector in Africa and one with a track record of delivering major IT projects, Pivotel is well placed to deliver our solutions to retailers.”

Andreas Botha, Chief Technology Officer of Pivotel, said: “Although Ipsos has a presence in South Africa, until now it has not offered retail monitoring and data analysis solutions. Retailers in Africa are becoming more sophisticated with their operations and are keen to explore ways of improving the bottom line. Understanding footfall through accurate data collection and analysis, and then being able to optimize their businesses, is a good way to make efficiency improvements.”

As well as focusing on marketing and business development, Pivotel will be largely responsible for importing the technology as well as installation and maintenance of footfall systems. Ipsos Retail Performance will complement this by concentrating on data collection and analysis, giving retailers insights into their business operations that they would not have previously had.

For UK media enquiries, contact: Glen Goldsmith 2thefore Tel: +44 (0)1483 811 234 / 07812 766 338 email: glen@2thefore.co.uk

For South Africa media enquiries, contact: Andreas Botha Email: andreas.botha@pivotel.co.za Mobile +27 (0)82 469 4667 Tel +27 (0)861 869 686

About Ipsos Retail Performance

Ipsos Retail Performance provides footfall monitoring solutions, shopper tracking systems and in-store behavioural research to retailers worldwide. Its core products - Shopper Count, Shopper Interact and Shopper Engage – scientifically measure all aspects of a shopper experience from store entry to exit. It supplies national and international retailers with essential business metrics to drive accountability and performance improvement.

Ipsos Retail Performance is home to the Retail Traffic Index series, which for over 10 years has been the industry’s leading tracker of national, regional and sector retail footfall trends. It is also co-founder of the KPMG/Ipsos Retail Think Tank, offering thought leadership on the state of retail health and the future of retailing. More information on Ipsos Retail Performance can be found at www.ipsos-retailperformance.com

About Pivotel – www.pivotel.co.za

Established in 2009, the initial focus of Pivotel was on the Communication side of ICT, with a wide range of solutions ranging from fibre to wireless, retail performance, customizable solutions, multimedia advertising display solutions, content delivery and online surveillance. These solutions were field-proven for commercial and industrial communities in South Africa. Pivotel delivers a holistic range of business value-adding intelligent, converged Information & Communication Technology Solutions. These business solutions and services are delivered primarily to clients in Shopping Centres, Retail Sector and Mixed Use Developments.