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Interio, Villeneuve: A well thought-out mix: LEDs as the basis, HIT for highlights

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For the new Interio furniture store in Villeneuve Ansorg has in a meaningful interaction of LED and HIT technologies developed a flexible lighting concept and implemented it both with interesting special solutions and with standard products.

In its furnishing/furniture shops, the Swiss company Interio AG offers cash-and-carry furniture and good design at an optimum price. In the new store in Villeneuve the home ambiance range is housed in a functional industrial building over an area of 4,500 m². The interior design makes a technical/sober impression: artificial resin floor, exposed aggregate concrete and perforated rails characterize the picture, contrasting charmingly with the textile materials, with wood or leather. Trends determine the home furnishing realms; the merchandising follows the furnishing ideas with frequently changing goods presentations.

High quality and flexibility of the lighting were the stipulations in this project, besides the economical use of energy. Therefore the company decided in favour of the use of LEDs, a demand that Ansorg was pleased to comply with. In a well thought-out mix with HIT equipment, an economical, flexible and aesthetic lighting solution with interesting special developments was achieved.