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Intelligent sales support system of Passau-based sales-process specialist :a:k:t: revolutionizes approaching and selling consultation-intensive products

Passau, 24 January 2011 ---- Passau-based sales-process specialist :a:k:t: Informationssysteme AG is presenting a great leap forward – its brand-new POS Business Suite – at the EuroShop trade show from 26 February through 2 March 2011 in Düsseldorf. The software’s intelligent logic ensures that all necessary information is compiled in the right place at the right time, which simplifies the sale of consultation-intensive products and rapidly guides customers to the offerings that best match their wishes. The breakthrough: the user-friendly product information system addresses the complete sales process chain, and is equipped with interfaces to widely-used back-office solutions such as commission accounting, order management, CRM, ERP, accounting and material management systems. The use of the software increases the efficiency of the entire sales process and reduces the costs.

Cross-selling and up-selling offers can also be integrated in this intelligent sales assistant; additionally, the software can recommend targeted products to customers on the basis of the current sales strategy. This easy-to-use information system saves on training costs for sales staff and can be deployed both via the internet and directly at the point of sale as an interactive service terminal – for instance on touch display systems like Microsoft Surface, iPads and iPhones. It improves consultation quality while simplifying and accelerating the entire sales process – from registration at the POS to order processing and invoicing.

All information relevant for the customer and the seller are available at the point of sale. In the interactive consultation process, the software guides customers to the products that meet their desires through a series of questions that cover their needs and the uses they have in mind. This is achieved entirely without difficult questions about complex technical matters. The :a:k:t: solution links the customer’s answers with the product managers’ marketing and expert knowledge and the technical information stored in a comprehensive product database. A ranking algorithm ensures that all user wishes are weighted against each other. The personalized product recommendation takes into account both the user’s answers and the importance determined for the respective criteria.

The :a:k:t: POS Business Suite not only enables targeted sales controlling with low training and consultation costs. The customized, uniform user interface for all product and service offerings reinforces a consistent brand image and enhances brand loyalty. A further advantage: the customers experience the entire product world in virtual space; this enables stores to stock less merchandise, reducing locked-up capital.

“Our software’s incredible performance is the product of many years of research as part of a university project on the uses of artificial intelligence – it is just this AI-based approach that enables the rapid and differentiated rankings and recommendations,” explains Benjamin Müller, Chairman of the Managing Board of :a:k:t: Informationssysteme AG.

The system can be efficiently connected to existing IT systems as well as online shops, as it comes equipped with interfaces to all widely-used back-office solutions. The system is easy to operate; no expert knowledge is required modify the product model. The software is highly scalable and thus suitable for both small and large system environments. It significantly reduces sales and administrative costs.

Customers of :a:k:t: Informationssysteme AG include major German and international enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom, Expert, NetCologne, O2, Postbank, Stahlgruber and Vodafone.

:a:k:t: is exhibiting the new POS Business Suite at the EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf from 26 February through 2 March 2011 in Hall 06, Booth A71.

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