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In Queue Management System

InQ Management System


InQueue Grows Sales By Converting Customer Waiting In Line Time Into Buying Time.

Purchase decisions are rarely made directly in front of the POS. Waiting in line, consumers are often subject to pressure “to pay and move on”, caused by other customers waiting behind them…

… however, when they’re waiting in line to pay, decision making is free of constraints, as a result, sales opportunities grow significantly.

InQueue increases the sales area in front of the POS and manages customer flows. More than a simple shelf, InQueue combines a variety of product presentations (bowls, hooks, bins, trays, shelves, racks etc.), in a flexible and light presentation that introduces a little theatre into the sales space in front of the POS.

By channelling customer flows towards checkout positions, InQueue creates a sales space through which 100% of consumers are obliged to pass, significantly improving the opportunity for targeted sales and the option of selling this space to brand owners.

InQueue Benefits:

Creates a sales area where 100% of shoppers are exposed to merchandiseMaximises merchandise assortment in minimum of spaceIncreases targeted purchase opportunitiesAdaptable to a wide variety of merchandise, snacks, drinks, print, apparel accessories etc.Flexible and mobile to adapt to changing store requirementsBuilt to withstand daily use in retail environmentsStudied height ensures customers don't feel hemmed in

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