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Iconic – The revolution of the frozen food area

Iconic - the revolution of the frozen food area

Viessmann introduces a revolutionising innovation for the sales of frozen food – Iconic, the semi-vertical freezer. Today, a shopper spends on average only 20 seconds in the frozen food area and food retailers have no real alternatives to improve the shopping experience and attractive product displays with the current freezer cabinets. Iconic creates totally new opportunities for retailers to tackle these challenges and increase the profitable frozen category sales.

Iconic freezer excels in product display and visibility. Large glass surfaces in the optimum cabinet height lift the groceries perfectly visible for the shopper. An attractive and well lit product display draws customers’ attention and increases impulse purchases. Optimised ergonomics make it easy to reach the desired products.

Iconic changes the whole atmosphere in the frozen food area. Semi-vertical cabinets create a marketplace-like feeling which makes buying frozen food more comfortable and enjoyable. With clear visibility over the cabinets, shoppers can easily orientate themselves in the store. Iconic’s space efficiency and unique design offers possibilities for totally new store layouts and orientation options.

Iconic combines the benefits of a freezer island and an upright freezer. Compared to a freezer island, Iconic has up to 50% more volume in the same floor space. Iconic can flexibly be used for selling both bag and carton packed frozen food. Island-shaped bottom and upper shelves offer various options for product display and cabinet filling. The top of the cabinet can be used for cross-merchandising and product communication.

“From our discussions with food retailers and FMCG companies, we learnt that frozen food promotion and display have been a real challenge. Iconic is the long-awaited solution which gives retailers a totally new set of tools to boost frozen food sales and differentiate themselves from their competitors,” says Mr. Matti Virtanen, Managing Director, Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions.

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February 2014