Shopguard Systems Ltd.



Dusseldorf, Germany, February 16th 2014 Shopguard a Global operating leader in interactive and security solutions for retail announced its new TT01 Standalone security product.
The TT01 has been developed from scratch to offer retailers of today a solution that is simple for store staff to install and allows the flexibility needed whilst allowing store staff to serve their customers and not be hindered by their security & powering choices.

Easily installed on table, wall or angled displays by adhesive or screw mount the TT01 is plug and play and unique in that the stand attaches to the separable base with ease; detachable only by deactivation of the alarm first.

No holes need to be drilled to install the TT01, or if the one power cable needs concealing a 10mm hole will suffice. The TT01 is then ready in seconds to display the full range of electronics needed – from phones, tablets, GPS, MP3, cameras, camcorders to phablets and smartwatches. Everything is then maintained above the counter top.

The beauty of the TT01 is not just in its classic curved design but it’s flexibility and upgradability. The stands can be equipped with exposed spiral cable, revolutionary hidden spiral cable or high security steel recoiler. Swapping and configuring is easy and can be performed in the store should higher security be needed for example, with additions such as the Shopguard Claw an ideal accompaniment for such situations.

With the change of a power connector only the same stand, sensor and power supply swapping between 19Volt tablets, Phones, GPS, MP3 and many more devices are all possibilities. Using the Shopguard quick release tool merchandise can quickly be changed in store position without sacrificing on adhesives, secure storage overnight is now a real possibility too to keep devices safe even when stands or stores are broken into.

Cameras can also be upgraded to utilize steel recoilers or have the ability to use the spiral cable. Shopguard’s patent pending quick release feature allows for numerous benefits too, fast re-merchandising, ability to place compact or DSLR on the same sensor and stand; but also for store staff to quickly provide the release of a camera for use in store without restriction of a cable for an assisted sale.

Devices are protected and powered via a solitary cable, and should power be interrupted there is a battery back-up of not just hours but years. Using AC power does not utilize the battery power at all, a crucial advantage over competing systems that often have alarming powered by battery only, or batteries only charged if continuously powered for a certain period.

With Interactive screens becoming ever more important in retail stores providing support for triggering of interactivity and the ability to track store pick-ups is of course crucial. Designed to perform and drive sales with Shopguard’s software solutions in a completely integrated way.

The TT01 is easy to install, looks great and is easy to operate in the fast changing environment of retail, where re-merchandising to change positions of a phone and a tablet needn’t mean costly adhesives, changing whole sensors and power supplies or even complete stands.
Upgrades can also be performed for all theft types, providing a clamp and steel reinforced
cable. The TT01 is built to grow and adapt to all your retail needs.