Reggiani Spa Illuminazione

ICONIC Store - Dubai, UEA

The ICONIC project in Dubai was a unique opportunity in the search for integrated and at the same time specific lighting design solutions for the 250 brands, with lots of different merchandising categories (fashion boutiques, bars, restaurants, health centers, flower shops, footwear, music and gadget retailers) gathered under the one roof of a cutting-edge building in a unique city of the UAE.

Problems concerning the control and management of the strong natural light, together with the need to generate a striking design solution for the various times of day were some of the topics included in the brief behind the choice of the lighting systems to use for a building whose main surface is curved glass from top to bottom and which has a large sized lobby. The decision fell to the Reggiani IOS optics fitted with metal halide lamps and LEDs.

The wide range of product families available in the recessed or track-mounted versions made it possible to develop formally different solutions, also from the aesthetic point of view, which satisfy the various needs of the many brands present. Special products and finishes were associated with a wide range of lighting and visual solutions for communication that integrated the IOS optics in all the settings, particularly RE LED Luce where very low maintenance or dimming and dedicated control of the system were of primary importance, in addition to high color rendering.

Optimizing the variety of light sources used was one of the main goals of the project: metal halide lamps with Reggiani IOS systems were used in the double height ceiling of the entrance, installed on beams with pulleys to support periodic visual merchandising and for maintenance of the luminaires installed very high. During the installation and start-up phase, it was fundamental to be able to change the optics and adjust the lighting design along with the product display.